Tommy Bell and His Minions – Vol 2: Living for Today
Tommy Bell and His Minions – Vol 2: Living for Today

Tommy Bell and His Minions – Vol 2: Living for Today

Second volume in the series curated by I Heart Noise and Petridisch
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We pick one track from upcoming reissue of Tommy Bell – sole album by cult Boston band Turkish Delight – and then pick tracks that we might be spiritual predecessors or successors to the said track

Second volume is dedicated to the track “Living for Today”

Turkish Delight – Living for Today
Turkish Delight…brought neurotic bizarritude to new heights…an elastic bassline lurched and jumped while an electric can made strange noises, and on top of that lay bored sounding female sing-speak… David Jarman (CMJ)
Taken from Tommy Bell (Castle Von Buhler, 1996 / I Heart Noise, 2017)
Reading: CMJ

Guided By Voices – Watch Me Jumpstart
Taken from Alien Lanes (Matador/City Slang, 1995 – reissued in 2016)

Blair’s Carriage – Tepid
Winners of the 1995 WBRU Rock Hunt. Formed in the fall of 1991.
Taken from Tepid (Subcorridor, 1992)
Official Website

Russian Baths – Ghost
Russian Baths is a band from Brooklyn, NY. Their debut track, “Ambulance,” premiered on Stereogum.
The band treats feedback and harmony with equal significance. By incorporating dissonance into traditional song structures, their sound recalls Big Black’s caustic fits, ’70s space rock, Chapel Hill’s noise pop, Big Muff driven grunge, and the angular arrangements of British post punk.
Taken from Ambulance (Self Released, 2016)
Reading: Stereogum | Buried Muse

Medicine – Time Baby II
American (Los-Angeles based) noise-rock band which was formed in 1991 and led by veteran musician Brad Laner (also of Steaming Coils, Debt Of Nature,Savage Republic and solo project Electric Company). They appeared in the movie The Crow as themselves.
Taken from Time Baby II (Captured Tracks, 2011)
Reading: Perfect Sound Forever | Under the Radar

Grand Mal – Guitars Strum in Dejection
Grand Mal is the moniker for the prolific post-St. Johnny project of Bill Whitten. The last decade or so he’s been throwing down album after album of serious language and heavy duty rock’n’roll that, when compiled, reads like a classic existential novel of self-destruction, betrayal, alienation, and, particularly of late, redemption.
Taken from Clandestine Songs (Groover, 2010)
Reading: New York Night Train | ireallylovemusic | Gibson

Throwing Muses (featuring Bob Mould) – Dio 
Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Throwing Muses were the first American act to sign to 4AD, pioneering a singular form of ‘alternative rock’ years before the term existed.
Taken from Red Heaven (4AD / Sire, 1992)
4AD | Kristin Hersh | IHN Interview with Kristin Hersh

Skyjelly – Tea, the Drink
Skyjelly is a one person psychedelic noisey project out of Boston, MA. Sounds like being behind a dumptruck in traffic (whose driver is playing an underwater)
Taken from Skyjelly & SUN (Self Released, 2014)
Also appears on Doom Trip Mix Vol. 1 (Doom Trip Records, 2017)
Reading: DigBoston | Optimistic Underground | Echoes & Dust | Tabs Out

St. Johnny – Go to Sleep
This determinedly indolent Connecticut combo incorporated the best and worst elements of post-Sonic Youth guitar rock into its fuzzy, feedback-encrusted worldview. The quartet’s undeniable cleverness and occasional virtuosity could prompt a pleasant buzz, but St. Johnny’s overwhelming lethargy too often prevented those rudimentary ideas/riffs from maturing into the kind of songs that last longer than a quick contact high.
Taken from Go to Sleep (Ajax Records, 1992).
Also appears on High as a Kite (Rough Trade/Caroline, 1993)
Reading: Trouser Press | Hartford CourantPunchnel’s 

Neurogami – Four-thousand Miles
Since 2001 Neurogami has explored innovative software, music, and art.
Feed your head.
Hack your world.
Live curious
Official Website

Rangers – Texas Rock Bottom
Rangers is Joe Knight from Dallas, Texas. He makes cosmic tape collages that are heavily rhythmic and psychedelic. He mixes bits and pieces of heavily processed and treated live recordings of guitar, keyboards, bass and percussion with samples of a wide variety of media (commercials, movie samples, jingles, etc.) and found sounds, culminating in long continuous pieces that are truly unique and captivating, but never boringly academic or overly abstract.
Reading: Decoder | Tiny Mix Tapes | Impose

Warped Forest – What You Are
Warped Forest is a Boston based band that plays loop based ambient psych-folk with two drummers, two violins, male and female vocals,and guitar/vocal loops.
Bandcamp | Facebook

Hopewell – Island
one band, spanning time, exploring the outer/inner reaches so you don’t have to.
See also – Guiding Light, new band of Jason from Hopewell / Mercury Rev
Official Website | Facebook | Bandcamp

Alosi Den – Berlin Realization
Alosi Den is an oddball… or at least two curveballs. One part meditative ’60s psych shot through with slouched aughts-rock, the other is meditative aughts-rock shot through with slouched psych: in other words, a new installment in the trio’s genuinely interesting exploration of lightly improvised (verycomfortably, but not too) post-rock.
Reading: Decoder
Facebook | Bandcamp


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