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Algiers couldn’t be here – we’re Tangiers

With those words Algiers (rechristened Tangiers due to absence of bassist Ryan Mahan (who we also thank for tipping us about the show in advance!)) kicked off their spectacular (and packed) secret show at Pilot Light. The band also played (another reportedly packed) show at the Standard the day prior.
All the praise is well-deserved as Algiers provide a show and music that makes you move as much as it makes you think.

Algiers—named for the 1960s film about an anti-colonial uprising—sits proudly in the former camp. Algiers are as much musicians as they are storytellers, peeling back layers of history and shaking them up in a stylistic grab-bag, then unleashing them as a soulful outburst sound.

Onstage the band unleashed its Hendrixian magic with the meld of samples from political speeches, gospel singing, hip-hop beats and post-punk elements all blending into one explosive brew.

Below we collected some of the tweets/photos/videos from fellow Big Ears travellers who witnessed the show at The Standard (as well as some tweets about the secret show).

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