"Theory of Everything" review on My Recent Heroes!
"Theory of Everything" review on My Recent Heroes!

"Theory of Everything" review on My Recent Heroes!

Even though “Theory” compilation is not completely unveiled yet, there are already reviews out there!
Case in point – this one – courtesy of My Recent Heroes blog:

This is one of those numerous compilations issued under the I Heart Noise umbrella. However, there are represented 4 tracks by the same copious set of artists. Phone Home`s Meds starts out as a loosely tinkling, reggae-hued beats will evolve into resplendent harmonic patterns. Telethon`s OwNixGolly is the heart-throb of mine on it. Fantastic gear amongst the surrounding nettlesome sonic shit. Indeed, it should be one of the electro-rock templates for all of us. Ted Bundy`s Volkswagen`s (what the heck!) Whorehopper is a heavily moshing, riff-loaded hardcore/metal-reflected rock. Old World Vulture`s Benny is more inflected toward instrumental post-rock where silentfulness is variegated with galvanized post-rock riffs. A good yet uncomprehensive overview of the artists under IHN. Obviously you have already figured out what to do next.

Needless to say – big “thank you” goes out to MRH!
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