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First 10 tracks from an upcoming “Theory Of Everything” compilation (+ stop-motion video set to a song by Geezer Lake)
Phone Home – Meds (bio)
Telethon – OwNixGolly (bio)
Ted Bundy’s Volkswagon – Whorehopper (bio)
Old World Vulture – Benny (bio)
Hopewell – 10,000 Black Masses (pt. 1) (bio)
Glorie – Still Saved (bio)
Thorn1 – Now My Clothes Has Your Smell And I Am The One Who Wants To Be Saved (bio)
The Halls Of Mars – Dial Isis II (bio)
Whoarfrost – No Self (bio)
Geezer Lake – Spent (bio)
Artwork for the compilation was created by Larry Joe Treadway.

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Note - “Theory Of Everything” is an upcoming digital compilation from…
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