Theory Of Everything – Bios – Ted Bundy's Volkswagon
Theory Of Everything – Bios – Ted Bundy's Volkswagon

Theory Of Everything – Bios – Ted Bundy's Volkswagon

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Their contribution: Whorehopper
Ted Bundy’s VW was a noisy quintet out of Lexington, KY active in the early 90s. It was led by vocalist Larry “Joe” Treadway.

Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky, the quartet – fuelled by beer and hate – produced some of the most memorable, indescribable noise to ever emanate from tuned musical instruments. Led by vocalist Larry Joe “Professor Tread” Treadway and bass player “Brother” George Maranville – the geniuses behind cable TV series Brains On Film – TBV held some now-legendary gigs and released a handful of EPs that would’ve been considered punk classics…if the noise they were producing even remotely resembled punk. Many people hated TBV, while most didn’t understand what the fuck was going on or what they were trying to achieve. And a small few – including converts from halfway round the world – became huge fans of the band.

And in the words of Larry:

We broke up right as the tour was booked to support the thing on SafeHouse Records (Jad Fair, Southern Culture on the Skids, Lemonheads, etc.) we put out a rash of 7” and split CD with Plainfield…we played a lot with Cows, Hammerhead, Unsane, Laughing Hyenas, Mule, Glazed Baby, Jack O’nuts…fun times.
Our bust-up was amicable…3 of us had good stable day jobs, drummer was in flux, girl issue, he imploded, we were all good friends, decided to not go it without him, went off made a movie that made it to Sundance that following year and hated ourselves for not still playing music…bass player and I are best friends still work on projects together, guitarist moved up near you in Boston…drummer is now a cop…life is strange…here’s a photo…that is me looking aloof and rock starrrrry in my hat and glasses…(shepard fairey did our old band stickers and we used wear all that Andre shit before he became a superstar!)
We recorded at AmRep all live.
We played a show with Steel Pole Bathtub at the Uptown (I think) up there so Tim (Mac) could see us play live and get a feeling about how to record it…he choose live which is what we had already wanted to do. We first were going to Albini but AmRep had a place for us to stay (apt in the studio!) and Albini at the time had a small window of availability…so we drove to Minneapolis and played shows on the way up in Bloomington, Chicago, Madison and Minneapolis…which paid our tape bills at amrep….fun stuff.

Larry Joe Treadway is currently working as a photographer and his artwork graces the cover of Theory! Visit his site here.
Ted Bundy’s Volkswagon (Wrocklage Wreckords, 1993)
Baker (Wrocklage Wreckords, 1993)
Plainfield / Ted Bundy’s Volkswagon Split (Smelly, 1995)
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