Theory Of Everything – Bios – Steel Pole Bath Tub
Theory Of Everything – Bios – Steel Pole Bath Tub

Theory Of Everything – Bios – Steel Pole Bath Tub

Note – “Theory Of Everything” is an upcoming digital compilation from IHRTN. You can preview it here

Their contribution: Carbon

Hardcore/noise trio out of Bozeman, MT that was formed in 1987.

Bay Area threesome (two of whom originally hail from Bozeman, Montana) Steel Pole Bath Tub put a happy face (well, sorta) on industrial-strength grind rock, leavening its pitbull riffs with jaggedly humorous short stories that couldn’t be further from established noise-boy motifs. On the surface of its sound, Steel Pole Bath Tub isn’t all that different from a thousand other post-Big Black combos, but a plunge below the clamorous veneer reveals a clever ear for a twisted sample — not to mention a peculiarly pop-savvy way with a guitar hook.
Trouser Press

Members of SPBT (Mike Morasky, Dale Flattum and Daren Morr-X) had numerous side projects including Tumor Circus, Milk Cult and C.C. Nova.
Read the band’s bio here.
Butterfly Love 12″ (Boner, 1989)
Steel Pole Bath Tub / Melvins Split 7″ (Boner, 1989)
Arizona Garbage Truck / Voodoo Chile 7″ (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 1990)
Lurch LP (Boner, 1990)
Lurch / Butterfly Love CD (Boner, 1990)
Tulip CD / LP (Tupelo, 1990 / 1991 / Tupelo, 1991)
European Son / Venus In Furs 7″ (Communion Label, 1991)
Live 7″ (Your Choice, 1991)
Steel Pole Bath Tub / Jawbreaker Split 7″ (Staple Gun, 1991)
Bozeman CD / 12″ (Boner, 1992)
Best Of Steel Pole Bath Tub CD (Sento, 1993)
The Miracle Of Sound In Motion CD / LP (Boner + Tupelo, 1993)
Your Choice Live Series CD / LP (Your Choice, 1993)
Some Cocktail Suggestions EP CD / 10″ (Boner + Tupelo, 1994)
Auf Widersehen / Surrender 7″ (Man’s Ruin, 1995)
Scars From Falling Down CD / LP (Slash, 1995 / Genius, 1995)
Tragedy Ecstasy Doom And So On 2×7″ (Genius, 1995)
Twist / Surrender CD (Slash, 1995)
Steel Pole Bath Tub / Unwound 7″ (Honey Bear, 1996)
Unlistenable CD (0 to 1, 2002)
Visit the band’s official site here.


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