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Note – “Theory Of Everything” is an upcoming digital compilation from IHRTN. You can preview it here.
Their contribution: Spent

1 part Jesus Lizard, 1 part Alice Donut, 1 part Black Sabbath, 1 part Charles Mingus, 1 part Black Flag, 1 part Butthole Surfers; add alcohol and LSD. Stir – Maximum Rock’n’Roll
Combining all-out thrash/punk with a lone soulful trumpet, Geezer Lake is as likely to use taped B-movie dialogue as snarled homemade vocals. When the playing is slow, this music can be beautiful and haunting, and when the band heats up, it’s like an elephant stampede. – Stay Free

North Carolina band that was active in the 90s and included  Chris Clodfelter, Jim Clodfelter, Eric Shepherd, Harrison Cannon and Scott Irving.
Chris and Jim from GL also had a side project called Slowchange Madagascar and they also joined Eric Bachmann (Archers Of Loaf / Crooked Fingers) in his solo project Barry Black.
Scott Irving currently records as Clang Quartet and his albums came out on such labels as RRRecords and Silber Media.
Read band’s entire story on IHRTN.
Field Blister 7″ (D-Tox, 1991)
Geezer Lake / Drunken Boat Split 7″ (D-Tox, 1994)
Songs From The Watering Hole 7″ (Squealer, 1994)
Feet In Mud Again (D-Tox + Mudd Industries, 1993)
Hearts Won’t Try This (Shikansen, 1995)
King Frost Parade (Thick, 1996)
Visit GL: Last.fmFacebookMySpace
See also: Squealer Music | Thick Records
Chris Clodfelter: Facebook
Eric Shepherd: Def Shepherd | Twitter | Google+
Harris Cannon: Twitter
Scott Irving/Clang Quartet: Silber Media | MySpace | Facebook

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Spread the love First 10 tracks from an upcoming “Theory Of Everything” compilation (+ stop-motion video set to a song by Geezer Lake) Phone Home […]
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