Theory Of Everything – Bios – EUS
Theory Of Everything – Bios – EUS

Theory Of Everything – Bios – EUS

Note – “Theory Of Everything” is an upcoming digital compilation from IHRTN. You can preview it here.
His contribution: Albora

EUS is a one man project from Costa Rica, formed by Jose Acuña in 2008. Its first year he recorded several experimental songs, influenced by Avant Garde music; but was until 2009 that he starting recording his first official album, ‘Última Inhalación’, mixing Ambient and Post Rock styles.His diverse influence, of artists like Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream, Sigur Rós, Stars of the Lid, Windy and Carl, Lustmord, and many others from diverse genres, culminate in an experimental sound keeping into Ambient/Drone note, using diverse recording techniques, MIDI synths, guitar effects, and different music programs.

All of EUS music is available for free download via his Bandcamp page.
Ultima Inhalacion (Self Released, 2010)
Duisternis (Self Released, 2010)
Introspeccion (Self Released, 2010)
Tras El Horizonte (Self Released, 2011)
Vhinto No Dresce (Self Released, 2011)
Visit EUS: Bandcamp |

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