The Covers Mixtape – Helmet
The Covers Mixtape – Helmet

The Covers Mixtape – Helmet

Side A: Helmet Play Other People’s Songs
Primitive (Killing Joke) – Live at the Ogden Theater (Denver). Original can be found on Killing Joke (1980)
Custard Pie (with David Yow) (Led Zeppelin) – from Encomium: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin.  Original can be found on Physical Graffiti (1975)
Symptom Of The Universe (Black Sabbath) – from “Jerky Boys” soundtrack. Original can be found on Sabotage (1975)
Lord Of This World (Black Sabbath) – from Volume Eleven compilation. Original can be found on Master Of Reality (1971)
Army Of Me (Bjork) – from MOM: Music For Our Mother Ocean compilation.
Gigantor (Louis C. Singer / Eugene Raskin) – from Saturday Morning: Cartoons Greatest Hits
Beautiful Love (Haven Gillespie) – from Betty album.
Oven (Melvins) – Live at Brighton Bar, Long Branch NJ 8-25-91. Cover can be found on Born Annoying album and original is on Ozma album (1989)
And Your Bird Can Sing (The Beatles) – from Seeing Eye Dog album. Original can be found on Revolver album (1966)
Side B: Other People Play Helmet
Deftones – Sinatra – Fan Video
Pig Destroyer – In The Meantime
James Knott – Blacktop – For more info check out James video channel on YouTube
Stolearm – Insatiable – check out Stolearm’s Bandcamp page for more info
Dutch Oven – Unsung – for more info check out their DO’s Facebook page.

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