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Bladdersack 12″ (Wiiija, 1988)
Johnny Town-Mouse LP (Wiiija, 1988)
V.C.L. LP (Wiija, 1989)
Angels In Pigtails LP / CD (Pathological Records, 1990)
Unhealingwound 7″ (World Serpent, 1991)
Gateau De Space 12″ (Jackass, 1992)
Meathead / Car First (Split with God) 7″ (Clawfist, 1992)
Pearleasque King Of The Jewmost LP / CD (World Serpent, 1992)
Gateau De Space CD (Jackass, 1993)
King Of All Spaceheads CD / 2xCD / 2×12″ (Jackass, 1994)
Oily Hot Knife 7″ (Jackass, 1994)

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