Flashback – Tweets from May 2015

Boston Hassle Listening Party (8,200 views) Big Business +  Fashion Week on Solar Flare Records (1,120 views) Max Headroom Pirating Accident (717 views) Digital Tribute to Stooges (1,160 views) Tom Waits Influence on Death Metal (150 views) Dinosaur Jr - In a Jar (145 views) Sinister Musings of Mark E. Smith (122 views) Soft Moon…

April 2016 Tweet Mix

Disco Inferno on Spotify (@gdek @iheartnoise @odorbaby) Boston Hardcore in Depth (@iheartnoise @dxferris @torjohnsonrec @phonehomeways) Who was behind Prince's death? (@iheartnoise @simonwaldram @noisemuzik) June Survival Tactics (@steponmagto @iheartnoise) Sundays & Cybele - Heaven (@ravenval @iheartnoise)  

Top I Heart Noise Tweets/Retweets/Mentions from 2015

Top Tweet - retweeted by UbuWeb @visaforviolet - I'm giving you "A Diamond Hidden in the Mouth of a Corpse" > https://t.co/CiUfebtBXB (via @ubuweb) pic.twitter.com/ATmHTSPrBF— IHeartNoise / Ilya S (@Iheartnoise) December 23, 2015 #2 - Sonic Youth reflecting on comeback of Wax Cylinders @Iheartnoise @Lu_cier_naga @SpeedwayFloozy @theflaminglips @leeranaldo @METZtheband I sure as shit want to…