April 2016 Tweet Mix

Disco Inferno on Spotify (@gdek @iheartnoise @odorbaby) Boston Hardcore in Depth (@iheartnoise @dxferris @torjohnsonrec @phonehomeways) Who was behind Prince's death? (@iheartnoise @simonwaldram @noisemuzik) June Survival Tactics (@steponmagto @iheartnoise) Sundays & Cybele - Heaven (@ravenval @iheartnoise)  

Top IHRTN Tweets – March 2016

Puce Mary - The Spiral LP (Posh Isolation) (9,100 views) Photo Mega-Thread - Riot Grrrlz (inspired by Shred of Dignity) (6,700 views) Guest mix by Matthew / How to Fight Records (5,600 views) All the Guest Mixes from January 2016 (5,200 views) Jammin' Econo with Minutemen! (4,600 views) St. Paddy's 2016 Mix! (4,600 views) Invitation to Follow…

Guest mixtapes roundup – January 2016

An entire month worth of great music!    Rick 'Skyjelly' Jones X, Red Red Meat, Sparklehorse, Kendrick Lamar, Crystal Castles, M.I.A., Iggy Pop   C.M. Slenko Rowland S. Howard, The Gun Club, Galapagos Finches, The Modern Folk, Francis McKeys, Ellis Swan and more   Lightning Pill / Chris Bynes - Mix 1 + Mix 2 Dosh, The Normal,…

Listomania – Podcasts

Selection of finest podcasts - based on a Twitter thread started by RANO label   Tabs Out / Norelco Mori / Electronic Explorations (suggested by RANO) Free Black Press Radio / A History of Electronic Music (suggested by Shredderghost) The Attic Podcast / Spools Out Radio (suggested by Bezirk / Tristan Bath) Art + Music +…

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