Band Profile – Swans
Band Profile – Swans

Band Profile – Swans


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Along with Sonic Youth and lesser known bands like Rat At Rat R, Swans represented a darker side of New York music scene in the 80s. While their style changed somewhat as their career progressed further into the 90s, they still stayed true to image – mainly, obsession with all kinds of taboo subjects (tied to Michael Gira’s fascination with work of Marquis De Sade and Jean Genet).
Part of Swans reputation was built around brutally loud live shows, some of which led to police involvement and subsequent shutdown of the venue. It is told that loud volume was one of the factors that contributed to Swans demise.
Swans were also known for an ever-changing line-up which was primarily centered around Michael Gira and Jarboe. Some of the musicians that worked with Swans throughout years include Anton Fier (Golden Palominos, Electric Eels, Pere Ubu), Bill Bronson (Gunga Din) and Roli Mosimann (Wiseblood).

Body To Body, Job To Job - 1991
Body To Body, Job To Job – 1991

The earliest Swans line-up included Gira, Jonathan Kane and Sue Hanel. Hanel’s work with the band can be heard on “Body To Body, Job To Job” compilation and she was described as “the most fearsome guitarist in New York” by Kane.
Hanel was eventually replaced by Bob Pezzola and saxophonist Daniel Galli-Duani was added to the line-up. Thus, as a quarter they released/recorded debut self-titled EP, which came out on Labor label in 1982 and sounded very different from their later work. Some pointed out that their early sound is akin to less satirical version of Birthday Party, while others compared their work to that of bluesman Howlin’ Wolf – “aggressive beyond words”, according to critic Ned Raggett.
Cop - 1983
Cop – 1983

Their first full-length was 1983 “Cop”, a record reminiscent of No Wave movement, as well as work of other New York bands like Mars and Sonic Youth (who released “Confusion Is Sex” and “Kill Your Idols” EP around the same time). Filth was also the first album to feature Norman Westberg (Sulfur, Foetus Corruptus), who would go on to appear on the majority of their studio albums.
1984 brought full-length “Cop” and “Young God” EP, both of which were re-released on one CD in 1992. At that time, Swans consisted of Gira, Westberg, Harry Crosby and Roli Mosimann and “Young God” was considered to be one of their best early releases. Justin Broadrick from Godflesh mentioned “Young God” as one of the records that changed his perspective on music.
Greed – 1986

During 1986 “Greed”, vocalist/keyboardist Jarboe joined the band, which resulted in significant change in band’s sound – much of their work was still ominous, but not as brutal as its predecessors. “Greed” also featured Algis Kyzis, a prominent member who would go on to work with them as a near-constant member.
1986 also brought “Holy Money”, which featured Jarboe on lead vocals and featured acoustical elements –  harmonica, acoustic guitar and piano can be heard on such tracks as “Another You” and “In My Garden” . The band also introduced religious themes, another deviation of sorts from their early work.
World Of Skin - 10 Songs For Another World - 1990
World Of Skin – 10 Songs For Another World – 1990

In the late 80s/early 90s, Jarboe and Gira recorded three albums as Skin / World Of Skin – 1988 “Blood, Women, Roses”, 1988 “Shame, Humility, Revenge” and 1990 “Ten Songs For Another World” with much of the material on those records resembling acoustic versions of songs from their “Children Of God” album.
1989 “Burning World” came out on major label MCA and featured production from Bill Laswell. This resulted in yet another shift in band’s sound – much of lyrics were sung, not shouted/chanted, and while lyrically it was built around themes of greed and despair, it also sounded closer to conventional pop records than much of earlier band’s material. Gira, however, stated that he was disappointed with the record and a choice of Laswell as a producer was a mistake. “Burning World” also featured a cover of Blind Faith’s “Can’t Find My Way Home”.
White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity - 1991
White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity – 1991

Much of their 90s work explored further marriage of noise and pop – 1991 saw release of “White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity”, 1992 brought “Love Of Life” and 1995 “The Great Annihilator” became their most straightforward and accesible release.
Their swansong was 1996 double album “Soundtracks For The Blind” – an extremely diverse record which featured anything from field recordings to ambient soundscapes. 1998 “Swans Are Dead” gathered their live recordings from the mid 90s.
Both Jarboe and Michael Gira continued with musical projects after Swans dissolution – Gira runs Young God Records and records with Angels Of Light, while Jarboe is recording solo.
Fun Facts

  • Young Gods were named after one of their songs

Band Members:
Algis Kizys (Foetus Corruptus, Foetus In Excelsis Corruptus Deluxe, Of Cabbages And Kings, Pigface)
Anton Fier (Blind Light, Electirc Eels, Feelies, Friction, Friends Of Earth, Golden Palominos, Locus Solus, Lounge Lizards, Pere Ubu, Styrenes, x_x)
Bill Bronson (F.I.L., Gunga Din)
Bob Pezzola
Clinton Steele
Daniel Galli-Duani
Jarboe (Beautiful People LTD, Blackmouth, Skin, World Of Skin)
Jason Asnes (Nice Strong Arm, Sugartime)
Jenny Wade (Timber)
Jonathan Kane (Circus Mort)
Larry Seven (Beautiful People LTD)
Michael Gira (Angels Of Light, Body Haters, Circus Mort, Body Lovers, Pigface, Skin, World Of Skin)
Norman Westberg (Foetus Corruptus, Foetus In Excelsis Corruptus Deluxe, Heroine Sheiks, Sugartime, Sulfur)
Phil Puleo (Cop Shoot Cop, F.I.L., Red Expendables)
Roli Mosimannn (Wiseblood)
Sue Hanel
Ted Parsons (Crazy Hearts, Foetus Corruptus, Godflesh, Jesu, Of Cabbages And Kings, Prong, Teledubgnosis, Treponem Pal)
Toby Dammit (Angels Of Light)
Vinnie Signorelli (A Storm Of Light, Blood & Time, Foetus In Excelsis Corruptus Deluxe, Foetus Symphony Orchestra, Lubricated Goat, Of Cabbages And Kings, Unsane)
Vudi (American Music Club)
William Rieflin (1000 Homo DJs, Acid Horse, Angels Of Light, Blackouts, KMFDM, Lard, Ministry, Pailhead, Petty Tyrants, Pigface, R.E.M., Revolting Cocks, Shipwreck Scat Chorale)
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Swans 12″ (Labor, 1982)
Filth LP / CD (Zensor, 1982 / Neutral, 1982 / Young God, 1990 / Sky, 1991)
Cop LP (K.422, 1984)
Young God EP 12″ (K.422, 1984 / Homestead, 1985)
A Long Slow Screw VHS (K.422, 1986)
A Screw 12″ (K.422, 1986)
Greed LP / CD / Cass (K.422, 1986 / 1987 / Vap. Inc, 1986 / PVC, 1987)
Holy Money LP / CD (K.422, 1986 / Recordvox, 1986)
Time Is Money (Bastard) 12″ (K.422, 1986)
Time Is Money (Bastard) / A Screw Cass (PVC, 1986)
Children Of God 2xLP / CD / Cass (Caroline, 1987 / Product Inc., 1987 / Fringe Product, 1987)
Kings Of Independence (with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds + Crime & The City Solution) VHS (Studio !K7, 1987)
New Mind 7″ / 12″ (Product Inc., 1987)
Love Will Tear Us Apart 7″ / 12″ / CD (Product Inc., 1988 / Rough Trade Germany, 1988 / Caroline, 1988)
New Mind 6″ (Reflex Magazine, 1988)
Can’t Find My Way Home 7″ / 12″ / CD (MCA, 1989)
Saved 7″ / 12″ / CD (MCA, 1989)
The Burning World LP / CD / Cass (Uni, 1989 / MCA, 1989)
Speak EP #1 (Young God, 1990)
Body To Body, Job To Job LP / CD / Cass (Young God, 1991 / Sky, 1991)
Love Will Save You 12″ (Young God, 1991)
White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity 2xLP / CD / Cass (Young God, 1991 / Sky, 1991 / 1992)
Cop / Young God CD (K.422 / Young God + Sky, 1992)
Greed / Holy Money CD (K.422 / Young God, 1992)
Love Of Life 12″ / LP / CD / Cass (Young God, 1992 / Rough Trade Germany, 1992 / Sky, 1992)
Love Of Life / Amnesia 12″ / CD (Young God, 1992 / Sky, 1992)
Omniscience CD / Cass (Young God, 1992 / Rough Trade Germany, 1992 / Sky, 1992)
White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity / Love Of Life 2xLP / 2xCD (Young God, 1992)
Celebrity Lifestyle – Mother / Father CD (Invisible, 1994)
The Great Annihilator 2xLP / CD / Cass (Invisible, 1994 / Young God, 1994 / Rough Trade Germany, 1994 / Young God, 2002)
Kill The Child – 1985-1987 CD (Disaster, 1995 / Atavistic, 1997)

Die Tür Ist Zu CD (Rough Trade Germany, 1996)

Failure / Animus 10″ (Arts & Commerce, 1996)

Real Love CD (Atavistic, 1996)

Soundtracks For The Blind 2xCD (Young God + Atavistic, 1996 / Young God, 2002)

Children Of God / World Of Skin 2xCD (Young God + Atavistic, 1996 / Young God, 2003)

I Am The Sun 7″ (Die Stadt + Uberschall, 1997)

Swans Are Dead 2xCD (Atavistic + Young God, 1998 / Release Entertainment + Young God, 1998)

Cop / Young God / Greed / Holy Money 2xCD (Thirsty Ear, 1999 / Some Bizarre, 2005)

Public Castration Is A Good Idea CD (Thirsty Ear, 1999)

Various Failures 1988-1992 2xCD (Young God, 1999 / Fringecore, 1999)

Filth / Body To Body, Job To Job 2xCD (Young God, 2000)

Feel Good Now CD (Atavistic, 2002)

Children Of God  / World Of Skin 2xCD (Young God, 2003)

Forever Burned CD (Young God, 2003)

World Of Skin (Jarboe + Michael Gira) Discography :

Ten Songs For Another World CD / LP / Cass (Young God, 1990 / Sky, 1991)

Skin (Jarboe + Michael Gira) Discography:

Blood, Women, Roses CD / LP (Product Inc., 1987 / Torso, 1987)

Girl, Come Out 7″ / 12″ (Product Inc., 1987)

One Thousand Years 7″ / 12″ (Product Inc., 1987)

Shame, Humility, Revenge CD / LP (Product Inc., 1988)

The World Of Skin CD / 2xLP / Cass (Product Inc., 1988)

Compilation Tracks:

Weakling” on Speed Trials (Homestead, 1983)

Sealed In Skin” on Abstract Magazine Issue 5 (Sweatbox, 1985)

I Crawled” on Plow! (Organik, 1985)

A Screw” on It’s Clean, It Just Looks Dirty (Giorno Poetry Systems, 1987)

Anything For You (Hang Me)” on Smack My Crack (Giorno Poetry Systems, 1987)

Trust Me” on Gigantic! (Melody Maker Magazine, 1988)

“Love Will Tear Us Apart” on Indie Top 20 Volume V – Spirit Of Independents (Beechwood Music, 1988)

Can’t Find My Way Home” on Landscapes (Sonografica, 1989)

Clay Man” + “Weakling” on From The Kitchen Archives No.3 / Amplified: New Music Meets Rock, 1981-1986 (Orange Mountain Music, 2006)

Time Is Money (Bastard)” on Some Bizarre Artists – Redefining The Prologue 1981-2006 (Some Bizarre, 2006)

Covers by Swans / Skin / World Of Skin:

Black Eyed Dog” – originally written by Nick Drake – Appears on Ten Songs For Another World (1990) by World Of Skin

Can’t Find My Way Home” – originally written by Blind Faith – appears on multiple releases by Swans, including Various Failures 1989-1992 (1999)

Love Will Tear Us Apart” – originally written by Joy Division – appears on multiple releases by Swans, including Forever Burned (2003)

I Want To Be Your Dog” – originally written by Stooges – appears on Shame, Humility, Revenge (1988) by Skin

The Man I Love” – originally written by George Gershwin – appears on multiple releases by Skin, including Blood, Women, Roses (1987)

Bands that covered songs by Swans:

Decoded Feedback covered “Love Will Save You” on their 2003 album Shockwave

Moss covered “Cop” on their 2004 split with Bunkur

Angels Of Light covered “Mother / Father” on 2005 Akron Family/Angels Of Light split

Methadrone covered “Sex God Sex” on their album Retrogression

Nadja covered “No Cure For The Lonely” on their album Trembled


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