Swans Week – Beautiful People Ltd + Blackmouth
Swans Week – Beautiful People Ltd + Blackmouth

Swans Week – Beautiful People Ltd + Blackmouth

Beautiful People Ltd was a collaboration between former Swans member Lary Seven and Jarboe. Their only full-length was initially released under  the name BPL, but later became known as Jarboe / Lary Seven record.
Beautiful People Ltd CD (Sub Rosa, 1992) – later reissued under the name Jarboe and Lary Seven. Includes a cover of “I Feel Pretty”.
Warm Liquid Event CD EP (Sub Rosa, 1993) – Three remixes from Michael Gira.
Compilation Tracks
“Newborn Child” + “Suicide Song” on Of Sound Mind (Godsend Magazine, 1993) – also includes tracks by Merzbow, Vidna Obmana,¬† PBK, Trance, Robert Rich and others.
“Warm Liquid Mix” + “No Mix” on Alphabet City (Sub Rosa, 1994) – other tracks by Gerard Malanga, David Shea, Slash Orchestra, Elliott Sharp and Michael Gira.
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Blackmouth was another one-off project involving Jarboe, John Bergin (Tertium Non Data / Trust Obey) and Brett Smith (Caul / Tertium Non Data / Trust Obey). Their self-titled full-length came out on Crowd Control Activities label in 2000.
Note – John Bergin’s website offers a lot of his work for download, including material by Blackmouth.
Blackmouth CD (Crowd Control Activities, 2000)
Blackmouth (Limited Edition) CD + CDr (Grinder Books And Recordings, 2000)
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