Swans Special Overview
Swans Special Overview

Swans Special Overview

Swans At The Middle East – Review + Video
Circus Mort
Swans – Selected Discography
Skin / The World Of Skin
2010 Tour – More Reviews + Photos + Videos
Swans At Brooklyn Masonic Temple – Photos + Videos + Reviews
Beautiful People LTD / Blackmouth
Guilty By Association – Swans / Angels Of Light
Guilty By Association – Swans / Body Lovers / Body Haters
Poll – Best Swans Album / Poll Results
Swans Documentary + MTV Interview With Michael Gira / Jarboe
See Also
John Bergin’s Specialdownload material by Blackmouth, Tertium Non Data, Paved In Skin and many others
A Diamond Hidden In The Mouth Of A Corpse – 1985 compilation w/ music by Swans, Coil, Husker Du, Sonic Youth and many others. Now available for download thanks to UbuWeb.

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