Summer 2019 Sampler: Further Reading – Pt. 2
Summer 2019 Sampler: Further Reading – Pt. 2

Summer 2019 Sampler: Further Reading – Pt. 2

Summer Sampler Artwork
Once again, we’re talking about bands that participated in our Summer 2019 Sampler and the contributions that made to our previous comps/samplers + other samplers/podcasts they appeared on recently. See part 1 of the roundup here.
The sampler itself is “pay what you want” with all proceedings going back to artists, so pay a dollar, pay two or just help spread the word (we won’t judge, we promise)!

The Moderns Ep. 72

No less than 3 (!) tracks from our compilation ended in a recent episode of The Moderns, music podcast run by Kevin J Press.
Tracks from our sampler that appear in the episode are:
2 Somebody Do Something by Whettman Chelmets
Sage by Walt Thisney
Mourning Glories by Computer
Other artists featured in this episode include Pepo Galan, Virusmoto, Therminal C, Akira Kosemura, Daniel Ruiz (who also contributed to our Winter Sampler) and others.

Fighter Jets

Contributed Where We Going We Don’t Need Roads to Retro Relief: Bahama Nights compilation.


Contributed Grain of Death to Winter 2019 SamplerSVEDANYA was included in a guest mix by Whettman Chelmets.

Phantoms vs Fire

Nightmares and Dreams was included in 2018 label mix by Burning Witches Records.


Contributed guest mix + Ascending/Landing to Winter 2019 Sampler.

House of Rabbits

FEASTofFETUS, Jess Cron’s band prior to HoR, contributed Clocca Loxodonta to Gone in 60 Seconds compilation in 2010. Read the story behind the song and/or an interview we did with Jess.


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