Summary – May 2018
Summary – May 2018

Summary – May 2018

Recap/summary of all the great things that were posted on I Heart Noise in May 2018 – tributes, guest mixes and so much more!


Boston Becomes Eclectic #2 – Showcase of Beantown’s finest delivered via Resonance Extra! Featuring Celebutant, Cryostasium, Along, Skyjelly, Mercy Choir, Marissa Nadler and more!


Man Forever/Kid Millions (Oneida) – talking about Yo La Tengo, Brah Records and why writers have a hard time describing Oneida’s sound.
Spartan Jet-PlexPetridisch talks to Nancy Kells (aka Spartan Jet-Plex) about her influences, origins of the peculiar title of her new album and her new label Grimalkin Records.
Martin Bisi – revisiting an older interview with legendary producer who worked with the likes of Helmet, Swans and Sonic Youth.

Guest Mixes

Shane Parish – NC Carolina guitarist and a great friend we made through last year’s Northside Festival delivers a mix culled from his vinyl collection. Featuring Circle, Marisa Anderson, Frank Rosaly, Father Murphy, Colleen, Yowie and more!
Looking for Jeannie Piersol: High Pitched Vocal Mix – “I’m going on the road again which means a lot of wear n tear on my vocal chords. I made this high pitched vocal mix as an aspirational tool since my top range as a singer pretty much shits the beds after a couple weeks of smoking and boozing. There are some obvious choices here like the Bee Gees and Frankie Valli, but my personal favorites are Dagmar Krause of Slapp Happy who gets two songs cause she’s that damn good, Trish Keenan of Broadcast, The Specials as in the Doo Wop act, not the ska band, Junior Murvin and of course Jeannie Piersol’s The Nest which inspired this mix in the first place. Warning: there are some other worldly frequencies on this mix so you may need earplugs but only if you are that kind of square”.
Raund Haus x Moogfest – artist collective from North Carolina presents a mix compiled by their co-founder Hubbble

Reviews / Video Premieres

Josh Knowles – Great Big World – Nick Panagakos reflects on a new video by Boston violinist and one-time member of Nemes
Danny Playamaqui – VA (Valentina Arco)Taxxess tackles latest release by Spanish musician
Whirling Hall of Knives – HOVVL – a collection of sonic and visual disturbances from an Irish duo of The Last Sound and Magnetize

Glenn Branca tributes

Saying goodbye to an architect of no-wave/noise rock

The Ascension of Glenn Branca (via Interbella / David Breather)
Who You Starin’ At? (via Nick Panagakos)

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