Summary – March 2018
Summary – March 2018

Summary – March 2018

Collecting our posts for March! Reviews, mixes, interviews and so much more – its all there!
Listening Room – music suggestions from our followers/readers
Pt. 1 – Mark Renner, Turvia, Interbella, Devras Plexi, Lord Snow, Mick Karn, Billordo, Nurse Predator
Pt. 2 – Scott Walker, Closed Circuits, Yellow6, Stereolab, Delphine Dora, Somatic Responses

Hnry Flwr – interview with the creator of the Message (who also shared also his playlist with us!)
Kevin Haskins (Bauhaus, Love & Rockets, Tones on Tail, Poptone)

New Names to Learn – Tender Mercy – discussing music of Louisville singer/songwriter Mark Kramer (aka Tender Mercy)
IWD 2018 Roundup: Record Labels Run by Women – a list that started out small, but grew thanks to a corresponding Twitter thread/comments
MES/The Fall Special – Birthday Boy – celebrating what would’ve been Mark E Smith’s 60th birthday

Veda Rays Last Call Mix – Songs that should be played in a bar during last call, by James and Maria Veda Rays.
Featuring This Mortal Coil, The World of Skin, The Doors, Warpaint, The Legendary Pink Dots, Leonard Cohen

Ancient Ocean – Nero (reviewed by J. Brodsky)
Dead Trains – County Road Bound (reviewed by Nick Panagakos)
Field Hymns Batch – Oxykitten, Larry Wish, Lips & Ribs (reviewed by Ascetist)
Jason Wietlispach – Oak Creek Recordings (reviewed by J. Brodsky) – comes with a 2-track sampler of the record
Waterman Fragment – S/T (reviewed by Nick Panagakos)
Andrew WK – You’re Not Alone (reviewed by Chris Bynes)

The Two Most Dissonant Chords on the Guitar – mini-doc on North Carolina guitarist Shane Parish (Ahleuchatistas)
William Carlos Whitten – Burn My Letter – Video for a title track off of our upcoming tape from ex-St Johnny/Grand Mal mastermind! Words by Jason Sebastian Russo (Mercury Rev/Hopewell/Guiding Light/Pete International Airport)
Video Collection – Junklight, J Bagist, Ghost Signs, Forest Management, Taxxess

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