Submission Review – Killerkume – Trautzer Blaster
Submission Review – Killerkume – Trautzer Blaster

Submission Review – Killerkume – Trautzer Blaster

Killerkume - Trautzer Blaster

Rating: 2.5 out of 5
First minute of this debut EP from Spanish noise-rockers Killkerkume sounds vaguely reminiscent of Helmet’s White City, but once the instrumental section ends and vocals kick in, things start to go downhill very quickly….
The whole thing simply dissolves into a mess of distorted yelling and noise s a-la Lightning Bolt, but unlike with LB, vocals don’t really add much to music and neither is music. While there are few interesting riffs here and there, for the most part the tune comes off as being shapeless and boring.
Things improve slightly on the next track Aireportu hustuak, but around 5th minute it all comes back to the same old issue – too much blasting and destruction, not enough cohesiveness and the fact that its over 10 minutes in length doesn’t help.
10+ minutes of the last track fly by in a similar fashion – the only thing that it have going for it is the fact that it was named after a great band (KARP a.k.a. Kill All Redneck Pricks).
Copying your idols is not necessarily a crime,  but there’s a fine line between blind copying and transforming someone else’s material into something new. “Trautzer Blaster”, unfortunately, falls into the former category.
Note – you can check out/buy the release here.


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