Stuff You Might've Missed – No Age
Stuff You Might've Missed – No Age

Stuff You Might've Missed – No Age

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Los Angeles duo No Age was born out of ashes of another band – Wives, which featured drummer Dean Spunt and guitarist Randy Randall as well as drummer Jeremy Villalobos, who went on to play with bands Drunkdriver and Whip & The Body.

Their name is based on a title of late 80s compilation of instrumental music, which came out on SST Records and it leaves no doubts about their musical direction. Much of their inspiration comes from hardcore/punk bands of the 80s, while the band itself is signed to Sub Pop – yet another indicator of their ties to aforementioned scene.

Their first show was in New Image Art Gallery, followed by show at Los Angeles avenue The Smell, where according to band members, they got a chance to experiment and push the envelope as much as possible. They’re well-known for playing unconventional venues, such as Portland, OR Food Fight – a vegetarian grocery store.


Weirdo Rippers - 2007
Weirdo Rippers - 2007

In 2007, No Age recorded a slew of EPs for a whole variety of labels, including Deathbomb Arc, Deleted Art and Post Present Medium, while their debut album “Weirdo Rippers” came out on UK label Fat Cat Records. Finally, they signed to Sub Pop, which used to release records by Nirvana, Soundgarden and Mudhoney in the late 80s, before switching to a different format after grunge hysteria died in the mid 90s.

After signing to Sub Pop, they recieved a lot of praise from fellow musicians, including members of Deerhunter and Radiohead. On January 25th, 2008, they started a tour with New York band Liars, which also resulted in 7″ split single between both bands. In May of 2008 No Age released their first full-length for Sub Pop called “Nouns” and were also named one of the best new acts by British music mag Mojo.

Band Members:

Dean Spunt (Wives)

Randy Randall (Wives)


Dead Plane 12″ (Teardrops, 2007)

No Age / Abe Vigoda Split (Deathbomb Arc Tape Club Year 3 (DEC)) Cass. (Deathbomb Arc, 2007)

Every Artist Needs A Tragedy / Loosen This Job 7″ (Post Present Medium, 2007)

Flannel Graduate (with Zach Hill) Cdr (Self-Released, 2007)

Get Hurt 12″ (Upset! The Rhythm, 2007)

Neck Escaper 7″ (Youth Attack, 2007)

Sick People Are Safe 12″ (Deleted Art, 2007)

Weirdo Rippers CD (FatCat, 2007)

Eraser 7″ (Sub Pop, 2008)

Goat Hurt 10″ (Self-Released, 2008)

No Age / Liars Split 7″ (Hand Held Heart / Post Present Medium, 2008)

Nouns LP / CD (Sub Pop, 2008)

No Age / Los Campesinos! / Times New Viking – Shred Yr Face Tour Split 7″ (Shred Yr Face, 2008)

Teen Creeps 7″ (Sub Pop, 2008)

Losing Feeling CD (Sub Pop, 2009)


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