Stuff You Might've Missed / Download – Tellus – All Guitars!
Stuff You Might've Missed / Download – Tellus – All Guitars!

Stuff You Might've Missed / Download – Tellus – All Guitars!

Originally conceived in New York in the early 80s, Tellus magazine was a self-described “subscription only, bimonthly publication” created in order to document New York scene. Each issue of magazine was coming with a tape compilation with music revolving around one specific genre/theme.
Tellus “All Guitars” issue came out in 1985 and was curated by Tom Paine (Live Skull) and a cover art was created by Jane Bauman. As the title suggests, this is a collection of guitar pieces by various New York artists (and some of non-natives, as well).
Thanks to UbuWeb sound archive, the compilation is available for download – get it here.
Lee Ranaldo – The Bridge
Arto Lindsay / Toni Nogueira – Buy One
Janice Sloane – Blow Sounds On The Nail
Butthole Surfers – U.S.S.A.
New Detroit Inc. – Brown Dub
Bob Mould – Soundcheck
Bond Bergland – Moonlight Ride
Joseph Nechvatal – Dalychtocracy
Elliott Sharp – Solitions
David Linton – Ringo
Jules Baptiste – Four to Deuce
Tim Schellenbaum – El Baile De Penetencia Dolorosa
Bump – I am a Rat
Rudolph Gray – 1000 Luminous Flowers In The Red Pool
Hahn Rowe – Dust Bowl Dub (For Fretless Bass, Guitar & Machine Rhythm)
John Myra – Skatebike & Perdue
Lydia Lunch / Lucy Hamilton – Lucy’s Lost Her Head Again
Sue Hanel – Dupe
Blixa Bargeld – Untitled
Andrew Nahem – Insult
Sandra Seymour – Rock That Baby!
Run Nigger Run – Pray I Don’t Kill You Faggot
Thurston Moore – Skrewer Boy
Mark C. & Marnie Greenholz – Bad Hospital
Glenn Branca – Acoustic Phenomena
James Vidos – Rudy Has Religion
Angela Babin / Joe Dizney – Work Song (Cameroon)
Frankenjerry – Funhouse

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