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To say that this little EP took my by surprise would be an understatement!
Guanoman that I used to know in the past was the guy who composed bizarre and chaotic rock tunes (imagine Primus as avant-grindcore band and you’re halfway there). This EP sounds nothing like his previous work with two tracks on “Future” coming across as a creation of someone who’s been on a steady sonic diet of Sabbath, Swans, drone and prog-rock.
First track is a fairly heavy/sludgy affair and its the one that made me think of Sabbath and Swans (although Guanoman admits that it was more influenced by former rather than the latter). Second track starts out as a drone/ambient piece and gets heavier and more complex.
Both tracks are fairly long (8 and 12 minutes, respectively), but there’s also a dizzying array of changes (especially in the second part), so they never get boring.
All in all – very impressive EP and totally unexpected change of direction for this Scottish madman!
Note – you can stream or buy EP here.

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