Stream – Russian Circles – Mladek
Stream – Russian Circles – Mladek

Stream – Russian Circles – Mladek

“Mladek” is a newly unveiled track from Empros – fourth full-length from Chicago band Russian Circles.  You can check it out here.

The new song is called “Mladek” and it is one of the heaviest pieces the band has ever written! It begins really upbeat and shines with an abundance of flashy post-rock flare and is reminiscent of some of Mogwai’s material. But it doesn’t take long before the track explodes into a dramatically heavy beast of a song that will have your heart pounding.  The song is nearly 8 minutes in length and doesn’t lose any entertainment value during its duration. It is absolutely stellar from start to finish.
American Aftermath

The album itself is coming on October 2tth via Sargent House label and the band will also hit the road this Fall in its support.


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