Stream – Jenova 7 – You Dig + A Midnight Love Theme
Stream – Jenova 7 – You Dig + A Midnight Love Theme

Stream – Jenova 7 – You Dig + A Midnight Love Theme

Jenova 7

Jenova 7 is nom de plume of Michael J. Sirois – Boston-based filmmaker and musician whose take on instrumental, chilled hip-hop with a cinematic vibe brings to mind the work of Ninja Tune label, Dj Cam, Dj Krush and Portishead.
He has collaborated with French trip-hop producer Hugo Kant and produced instrumentals for Craig G (of the legendary Juice Crew hip-hop collective) and Ohio rapper Copywrite. He is also a member of the enigmatic trip-hop trio Wax Triptych, alongside fellow artists Mononome & Mr. Moods.
Mike is a regular contributor to Boston Not LA series of digital compilation – his tracks Soul For Sale, Love on a Bed of Nails and Heroin for Dilla are scattered throughout all 3 volumes released so far.
His work is also released by Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel as well as LA-based Cold Busted – latter recently put out a number of compilations featuring J7 tracks.
First up is You Dig – a jazzy contribution to volume 9 of It’s What You Make It, monthly instrumental hip-hop compilation:

More recently, Jenova 7 also contributed A Midnight Love Theme to On Vinyl 1 – first in upcoming series of vinyl-only releases:

In addition to J7, the compilation features tracks by Esbe, Poldoore, Singularis, Mojo Rising and many more!
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