Stream – Anda Volley Discography
Stream – Anda Volley Discography

Stream – Anda Volley Discography

BBEs early introduction to Anda Volley‘s work arrived in the shape of slightly disturbing video and song for Butterfly Melt – one of the singles off of her recent EP My Flawless Computerized Mind.  If being paranoid means that you got nothing  to be afraid of (as members of Cabaret Voltaire once quipped), then this is a soundtrack to accompany you within the safety of your underground bunker:

The rest of the songs on MFCM weave all kinds of stories about paranoia and unease that, again, brings to mind early Cabs with its reliance on distorted TV and news samples (You’re on the Air also could be one of lost John Watermann tracks):

MFCM, however, represents only one side of Anda’s work – there’s also the debut Inside the Ghost Machine which, while slightly less grim than its follow-up, still retains a sense of darkness as evident from Laura Inside the Ghost Machine (its protagonist being a doll, at least in the video):

Finally there’s the most recent LP Are You Armed with its long list of collaborators (Andrew Scandal, Cristian Agrillo and Kolanek, to name just a few). Despite its name/lyrics the title track is surprisingly airy and spacey and overall the album is the most listener-friendly out of all three (just try not to look into the lyric sheet):


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