Spring 2019 Sampler – Artist Bios: Pt. 3
Spring 2019 Sampler – Artist Bios: Pt. 3

Spring 2019 Sampler – Artist Bios: Pt. 3

Even more bios of artists that participated in our recent Spring Sampler! Part 1 can be found here and part 2 here.

Its “pay what you want” with all proceeds going back to artists, so consider donating a dollar or two or just helping to spread the word! And don’t forget to check our previous samplers – Winter 2019 and (On the) Spectrum: Red.

Elizabeth Joan Kelly


Elizabeth Joan Kelly is a New Orleans-based classical, ambient, and industrial electronic music composer. She uses found sounds and MIDI to create lush soundscapes influenced by Zola Jesus, Nine Inch Nails, Portishead, Fever Ray, and The Knife. She is also a prize-winning classical composer available for concert music and commercial licensing.

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Solilians is a psychedelic drone pop band from Long Island, New York. Appropriately enough, their album is dedicated to the memory of the late, great Leonard Nimoy, and sung in Hebrew. This cosmic crew of Sharon Malkin, Benjamin Malkin, Gabriel Walsh, and Neptune Sweet is very much on their own, special trip and we’re along for the ride.

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Mercy Choir

Friendly Fire

Mercy Choir is the musical project of Paul Belbusti, a person from the New Haven, Connecticut area of the United States of America.

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Hear a mix that Mercy Choir did for IHN



Hyperactive and freshly squeezed pixel juice. Colorful electronic vibes.

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Burial Grid

Your Father is Dead

Old creaky synths making music inspired by old creepy movies, 70s ambient, and doom metal.

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Cat Temper


Synthwave with cattitude!

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Whirling Hall of Knives

Lab Emissions

A collaboration between Magnetize and The Last Sound, Whirling Hall Of Knives’ harsh smoldering circuits and eruptions of panicky white noise have a profoundly unsettling quality, a sense of gnawing paranoia but interspersed with moments of almost euphoric epiphany, as if in the grip of an unshakable 4am psychosis a growing sense that the door will be kicked in at any second and the world outside will come pouring in. Psyche electronics of a particularly greasy and grime-flecked hue.

Airstrip 101

Zero Time Now Boarding

Airstrip 101 is a one-man project out of Central MA best described as “dystopian psychedelics.” Using bass guitar, effects, synth, field recordings and vocoder to create hypnotic driving soundscapes with elements drawn from Krautrock, space, noise, industrial, and musique concrete.”


Blink to Orange Glass

echoes and ghosts, electronics and field recordings, grainy ambient music , live performances

Wolfbear / Dr. Wolfbear

Sound Vulture

Solo project of Dave Melanson (Tiki Twins/Skyjelly).

Ship & Sail

Good Man

Indie/Folk/Americana. It’s kind of fun, kind of sad.



Angel Marcloid (formerly Justin Marc Lloyd), aka Fire-ToolzMindSpring MemoriesAngelwings MarmaladePregnant SporeNonlocal Forecast, etc., is a transfemme artist from Baltimore, MD, currently living in Chicago, IL, USA. She used to run the cassette label Rainbow Bridge, and the net label Swamp Circle. As a multimedia artist, she has been releasing various styles of music since the early 90s; experimental/noise, new age/jazz fusion/prog, industrial, power electronics, synthwave, second wave emo/screamo, grindcore/powerviolence, ambient, acoustic singer-songwriter, vaporwave/slushwave/plunderphonics, metalcore, and more.

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