Spring 2019 Sampler – Artist Bios: Pt. 2
Spring 2019 Sampler – Artist Bios: Pt. 2

Spring 2019 Sampler – Artist Bios: Pt. 2

More bios of artists that participated in our recent Spring Sampler! Part 1 (featuring Julian Wa, Petridisch, Beauty Pill, Corey J. Brewer and Temple ov Saturn) can be found here.

Its “pay what you want” with all proceeds going back to artists, so consider donating a dollar or two or just helping to spread the word! And don’t forget to check our previous samplers – Winter 2019 and (On the) Spectrum: Red.

Tyson J. Swindell

I Think We’re Going to Be Friends


Tyson Swindell has been a musician since he was 3 years old, when his parents started him in the Suzuki String Program. He learned classical violin and viola this way, studying the piano as well.
He has played and recorded in punk bands, indie bands, heavy metal bands, and even had time to do a short stint with the Austin Civic Orchestra on the viola. 

Nice Breeze


abstract poet punks

Nice Breeze is a Washington, DC band. Andy Fox (vocals), John Howard (guitar, vocals), and Martha Hamilton (drums).

The Mystery

The King and the Pawn

Guitar, loop pedal, cheap theatrics, vox

William Wright

I Keep On Killing Mosquitoes

William Wright is a contemporary composer and multi-instrumentalist based in East Tennessee. His award-winning works in film scoring and experimental soundtracking have been on exhibition at festivals and Universities around the globe. “Salt Mass: a Hookland suite,” Wright’s 2018 collaboration with UK Author David Southwell, was released by Gezellig Records to international praise.

Void Vertex

Tell Me What to Think

Christopher KAYE – Electronic music producer. I make samples and instruments for you to download. I write Post Metal and Breakcore music.


23 (Years)

EYELIDS have turned inwards to their loves of New Zealand/Flying Nun guitar buzz , their teenage L.A. paisley underground obsessions, haunts of early Athens and all things beautiful, lopsided and rock. We give you fair warning.

Jack Alberson

Dark Passenger (Ugly Mix)

Laptop pop by an old guy who keeps staring at his shoes. 25 years of learning how to write a song, quite a few years to go.

Xqui (feat. Lark)


Sounds like the last hymn sung as Britain falls into the sea – Simon Tucker (Radio Europa)


You’d Better Run

Wonky Yorkshire noisepop from Sarah, Chris and Evangeline.

The Cherry Wave

Pure Burst

A Shoegaze band from Glasgow, Scotland who employ blissed-out dense fuzz drones, reverberated hypnagogic vocals and hazy echoes as their sonic trademark. Since 2012 they’ve shared the stage with many bands, including Ringo Deathstarr, Swervedriver, No Joy, Pinkshinyultrablast, …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, The Telescopes, The KVB, Nothing, Paws, Milk Teeth, and countless more.

Trium Circulorum

Magic Filter

Trium Circulorum is an artist name but also a platform for other musicians, a place for collaborations and creative endeavours of many kinds. I have formerly been active as 3dtorus and I am still active under the monikers Kanal Drei and Third Witness. From 2014 to 2016 I operated the netlabel Mobius Spin.
Trium Circulorum was started as a cassette tape (and accompanying digital) release project, not because of a vague sense of retrophilia but out of the love for analog noise, randomness, glitches and saturation.
Trium Circulorum has developed into an informal and open space, grown and composed of different and changing people. The self-released tapes on the Bandcamp page are strictly limited to small and mostly DIY editions. There have been numerous appearances on labels such as Still Heat Recordings, Concrete Tapes, Fwonk* Records and Romeda Records.

Andrew Anderson

King of Flesh

Sound artist/musician based in TX. Here’s Andrew reflecting on his new album Velvet Fjord:

The album is about the cycle of life and afterlife. track 1 is birth/awakening. Track two is life/struggle. Track three is death/acceptance. Velvet Drone is inspired by the Bardo, hence 47 minutes long to reflect the 47 years of being in the Bardo, and therefore, rebirth. That is why it starts with ocean recordings and ends with cicadas.

Further Reading: Raised by Gypsies

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