Spring 2019 Sampler – Artist Bios: Pt. 1
Spring 2019 Sampler – Artist Bios: Pt. 1

Spring 2019 Sampler – Artist Bios: Pt. 1

Our Spring 2019 Sampler is finally here and its time to take a look at some of the contributors!

All proceeds from sales go back to artists, so please spread the word, share and share some more! You will also get some bonus tracks along with your download.
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Julian Wa


‘Bloom’ is taken from the self titled ‘Julian Wa’ EP, released in late 2017, and the track fully embodies the psychedelic flavour of the EP, with its gently lilting strings and percussion. The last third of the track introduces a more electronic element to the song, and the vocals, which had been feminine and ethereal prior to this, suddenly become a fleeting male voice, who sings for a couple of seconds before fading away into the mists. It’s a striking song which deserves a few listens through in one sitting. We challenge you to correctly anticipate the vocal changeover at about two minutes in however!
Essentially Pop

Label(s): Independent / Unsigned

On the Web: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Twitter

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But I’m Not

Beautiful, moody dark ambient music that conjures shadowy worlds with just a few layers of synth.
Jes Skolnik / Bandcamp

Cocteau Twins cover from our legendary keyboard wizard (and the owner of Fish Prints). Check out his recent releases – Blue Event (Infinite Sync) and Hit Rendition (Grimalkin Records / Fish Prints).
Label(s): Illuminated Paths / Asura Revolver / Grimalkin Records / Infinite Sync

On the Web: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Twitter

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Beauty Pill

Cherry Blossom Symphonette

Beauty Pill is a band from Washington, DC, born in the mouth of the 21st century. Most songs are about the mouth of the 21st century.
Beauty Pill Describes Things as They Are is the first Beauty Pilly album in 11 years, as creative leader Chad Clark battled with heart disease. It is a smorgasbord of angles, melodies, loops, pockets, and fractal surfaces that nonetheless refuse to deviate from Clark’s longstanding bailiwick: the mythic power of the pop hook.

Label(s): Dischord Records / Butterscotch Records

On the Web: Bandcamp | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter

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Corey J. Brewer

World Without Pizza / Sad Salad

Corey J. Brewer

Seattle keyboardist/vocalist/composer Corey J Brewer has proved himself adept at scoring films with his alternate soundtrack to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining at Northwest Film Forum last year and appearances at Andrew Crawshaw’s :||Depths||: night at Substation. And the skills that he flexed in those contexts surface on his new album, Upside Down Tulip. On these nine songs, Brewer sings in his deep, glum voice (think Stephin Merritt and Tindersticks’ Stuart Staples) over enigmatic keyboard progressions and drones, and rhythms that both snake with quasi-gamelan litheness and rejuvenate triphop tropes. Brewer’s compositions embrace romantic moods while eluding clichéd evocations of this common songwriting construct. That takes serious skill.
Dave Segal, The Stranger

Label(s): Broken Press / Union Pole

On the Web: Website | Bandcamp | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter

Listen to guest mix that Corey compiled for us

Temple Ov Saturn

Last Stand at Ankh Sanctuary

△ Sacred Music and Art △

Temple ov Saturn is an audio-visual project by Joan Pope

Label(s): Squall Recordings
See also: The Whip Angels

On the Web: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter

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