Band Profile – Growing
Band Profile – Growing

Band Profile – Growing

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Following in the footsteps of the likes of Velvet Undeground and Acid Mothers Temple, Growing are an American drone/ambient collective that’s been steadily supplying listeners with cassettes, EPs and LPs since 2002. Initially, the band started out as a trio of Eryn Ross, Joe Denardo and Kevin Doria, but Ross left the band and they continued as a duo until recently, when they welcomed Sadie Laska as a new member.
The band recorded “Dry Drunk On Woman” single and self-released cassette entitled “Fear Of Life/Death” prior to releasing their debut album – 2003 “Sky’s Run Into The Sea”. 3 years later Growing produced “Color Wheel”, which came out on Troubleman Unlimited label.
“Sky’s” was described by All Music Guide as “a stellar debut and a challenging listen for those who want their music to be more than just “audio wallpaper” for their lifestyles.” They also pointed out that “The album starts off innocently enough with a delayed, clean-toned lull that’s heavenly, but it slowly evaporates and is replaced by dark drones that are equally as soothing as they are intense. Growing balances the dense but heavy silence with interludes that would be right at home on a Pink Floyd record from the late ’60s and early ’70s. For all its intensity and seriousness, the album isn’t without a sense of fun.”
Recent years saw the band being as busy as ever as they released 2007 “Vision Swim” and 2008 “All The Way” (both on Social Registry label). The band’s latest release (as of 2010) is “PUMPS!” which came out on Vice Records.
AMG commented on “Pumps!” – “Growing’s debut for Vice finds the group fully transformed from their modest beginnings as a band using guitar crunch to make ambient soundscapes into a fully focused (and completely trippy) electronic force.”
Dusted Reviews pointed out that “Pumps is a logical progression for Growing and leaves them with a number of interesting places to go from here.”DR also noted that “What emerges from these eight songs is a freewheeling spirit, a willingness to delve into numerous sonic spaces and move outside an easily classifiable comfort zone. That sense of play, also suggested by song titles like “Drone Burger,” is highly rewarding when this album is at its most dynamic. Unfortunately, it also leads to a moment towards the end of Pumps that threatens to upend the stylistic balance that Growing has achieved.”
Outside of Growing, band members are also involved in Total Life (Kevin Doria’s project) and I.U.D. (which includes Lizzi Bougatsos from Gang Gang Dance and Sadie Laska).
Current Line-Up:
Joe Denardo
Kevin Doria (Total Life)
Sadie Laska
Former Members:
Eryn Ross
Dry Drunk On Woman CDr / 7″ (Nail In The Coffin + Mega Blade, 2002)
Fear Of Life/Death Cass (Self-Released, 2002)
The Sky’s Run Into The Sea CD / 2xLP (Kranky, 2003)
Above Sea Level / Below Sea Level 2xCass (Animal Disguise, 2004)
Five Patterns / Fear Of Life/Death Cass (Animal Disguise, 2004)
The Soul Of The Rainbow And The Harmony Of Light CD /2xLP (Kranky, 2004 / Animal Disguise, 2004)
Growing / Mark Evan Burden – Untitled CD / LP (Xeng, 2005 / Zum, 2005 / This Generation Tapes, 2006)
His Return CD / 12″ (Troubleman Unlimited, 2005)
Live CD / 2xLP (aRCHIVE, 2005 / Conspiracy, 2007)
Color Wheel CD / 2xLP (Troubleman Unlimited, 2006 / Rock Action, 2006)
Live Series (12/05 Brooklyn) Cass (Tapeblade, 2006)
Live Series (Athens 5/06) Cass (Tapeblade, 2006)
Live Series Cass (Live 9/05 KFJC) Cass (Tapeblade, 2006)
Live Series Cass (London, UK 11/04/04) Cass (Tapeblade, 2006)
Live Series Cass (Sussex, UK 3/26/04) Cass (Tapeblade, 2006)
The Social Club No. 8 7″ (The Social Registry, 2007)
Vision Swim CD / LP (Troubleman Unlimited, 2007)
All The Way CD / 2xCD / LP (The Social Registry, 2008 / Daymare Recordings, 2008)
Lateral CD / 12″ (The Social Registry, 2008)
PUMPS! CD / LP (Vice, 2010)
Compilation Tracks:
“Primitive Associations / Great Mass Above” on Kompilation (Kranky, 2004)
“Anaheim II” on Music With Latitude (Southern, 2004)
“F-4 Phantom Flying Overhead” on Secrets And Sounds (Animal Disguise, 2004)
“Mistful Luminescence” on Live From The Devil’s Triangle Volume 8 (KFJC, 2005)
“Lateral” on Mind The Gap Volume 74 (Gonzo Circus, 2008)
“Live” on Deaf In The Valley (905 Tapes, 2009)
mp3: Hormone

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