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Song Premiere: Scyphozoan – Talk About Us
When it comes to music IHN prefers to reserve the phrase “this is something else” for very special cases and this here track is, indeed, something else. Imagine, if you will, a hybrid of dance music, rap and power electronics. Throw in a solid amount of heavily chopped/processed vocal samples (which at times resemble the sound of chickens clucking) and you just might start getting an idea of what Schyphozoan is trying to cook up.
Song Premiere: Scyphozoan – Talk About Us
Considering how short “Talk About Us” is its bewildering how much it manages to pack into a short timeframe. It also brings back memories of Negativland, Steinski et al – a sonic rollercoaster that manages to be equally amusing and demented (a certain sign you’re dealing with a genius).
Your Replacements Parts Are Now Available by Scyphozoan is out on July 12 via Dead Definition.

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Song Premiere: Scyphozoan – Talk About Us