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Post Now - Round One - Chicago Vs. New York
We’re happy to report that as of 2019 the good old noise rock is still alive and kicking. Exhibit A came in the form of Psychic Graveyard’s Loud as Laughter and now exhibit B is here – a hair-raising suite of three tracks from Brooklyn’s Child Abuse.
Where LaL resembled a cross between Throbbing Gristle and Arab on Radar, CA’s suite resembles a much heavier version of Ornette Coleman or Residents. Throughout 7 minutes you will be subjected to distorted vocals, deranged drumming and weird monologues and if you’ll survive through it all you just might become friends with (or fans of) Child Abuse. No documented proof of survivors exists, however, so tread lightly!
The suite is a part of upcoming Skin Graft compilation entitled Post Now: Round One – Chicago vs New York. Compilation was mastered by Todd Rittmann (U.S. Maple, Dead Rider, Galactic Unity Ensemble) and also features contributions from Cheer-Accident, The Flying Luttenbachers, Bobby Conn and many others.

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