Skyjelly Songography: Tea, The Drink
Skyjelly Songography: Tea, The Drink

Skyjelly Songography: Tea, The Drink

We Pull the Stars Over Our Heads Like Covers, latest release from Skyjelly is now sold out! To celebrate we’re going to go song by song through the entire band’s catalog.
Up first is Tea, the Drink.

Tea, The Drink by Skyjelly is next on the playlist. Sampled and produced nervous breakdown crossed with some modern say surf style vocal and laid back but funky as fuck drumming, finished off with country sci-fi guitar! Think I shall play this one again for good measure.

Opener “Tea, The Drink” cuts through a funk sample to stride along a solid groove accented by maracas(or some sort of backwards masking that approximates the slanting kiss-kiss of maracas). It’s a firm anchor for cooed falsetto vocals and tremeloed rhythm guitar, which dodge gestural, scrawled guitar leads.
Jay Breitling / Clicky Clicky Music

Tea, The Drink is track #1 off of Skyjelly & SUN – a self-released EP that came out in 2014. Petridisch created a video for the song in 2018 and there’s also a non-album track called Tea the Drink (Slight Return).

Tea, the Drink also appears on Doom Mix Vol. 1 (Doom Trip Records) compilation that came out in 2017.

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Thank you: The Modern Folk Music of America
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