Skyjelly Songography // Catherine’s Rabbi
Skyjelly Songography // Catherine’s Rabbi

Skyjelly Songography // Catherine’s Rabbi

Skyjelly & SUN

Again something else spotted on a random posting, thought of you. This is Skyjelly with a track taken from last years limited cassette for doom trip entitled ‘”Blank Panthers / Priest, Expert or Wizard” which I’ll say here and now, was perhaps, our favourite or at least in the top 3 certainly, albums of last year. An album that glowed and radiated adorable at each sly turn. This here being ‘Catherine’s Rabbi’ – just between you and me easily filed alongside Neutral Milk Hotel’s ‘in the aeroplane over the sea’ and one of the great lost classics in recent memory. – The Sunday Experience

Continuing our song-by-song run through catalogs/discographies of Skyjelly and Solilians, subjects of our recent split. Visit archives to find out more.

Catherine’s Rabbi is the second track off of Skyjelly & SUN, independently released EP that comes with a wonderful animated video created by Sarah Jane Lapp aka Cinemagoat. Different version of the song appears on Blank Panthers / Priest, Expert, or Wizard tape that was released by Doom Trip Records in 2016.

Catherine’s Rabbi was also featured on the following compilation

Know Your Scene Vol. 1 (Deep Cuts Rocks) – also features tracks by Zip-Tie Handcuffs, Something Sneaky, Lady Pills, Violet Intent and more. Read an interview Ian from Eye Design / DCR gave to Spark & Fizz.


Raven Sings the Blues


Tabs Out

Dayz of Purple and Orange

Clicky Clicky Music

Critical Masses

Impose Magazine

Spool’s Out / The Quietus

Optimistic Underground

The Modern Folk Music of America

Various Small Flames

Podcasts / Radio Shows

In You All Along – August 2, 2019

Other artists featured: Lilys, Brian Eno, The Modern Lovers, Slint and more.

Doomed Visions I

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WXCI – 2017-07-28 (Show Name?)

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The Joint – 1 July 2017

Other artists featured: Ras G And The Afrikan Space Program, J Dilla, Beak>, Frank Ocean, Washed Out, Wolf Alice and more.


Stream These – 2016/09 (Gimme Tinnitus)

Other artists featured: Cop Funeral, Doomsday Student, Tape Deck Mountain, Ian Sweet, Navy Gangs and more.


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