A-Z of Skin Graft Records – Space Streakings
A-Z of Skin Graft Records – Space Streakings

A-Z of Skin Graft Records – Space Streakings

While they never made a name for themselves outside of Japan, Space Streakings were quite an unusal little band. Described equally as “hyper-speed meltdown noise, a thick hysterical barrage of galloping electronic percussion, horns, whistles, samples and shouted Japanese vocals” (Trouser Press) and “Unreal Electro-disco hardcore played full on with a bizzaro batch of gear” (Skin Graft)”, they managed to record few albums and numerous singles before breaking up in the late 90s.
The story of their formation, as well as real names of band members are/were a complete mystery (although rumors swirl that all members of the band originally worked as video game programmers and they were probably the only band ever to utilize a gas powered guitar). The band consisted of Captain Insect (bass, programming), Karate Condor (guitar, vocoder), Screaming Stomach (vocals, guitar, trumpet) and Kame Bazooka (vocals, sax guitar).
Their debut album was 1993 “Hatsu-Koi” (“First Love”), which came out on Japanese label Nux Organization and was produced by K.K. Null (Zeni Geva).  Soon, they attracted the attention of Skin Graft label who heard their contribution to “Dead Tech 3” compilation, as well as their debut LP. As a result,all of their subsequent material came out on Skin Graft, including 1994 full-length 7-Toku (produced by Steve Albini) and two singles – 1993 “Sexual Aesthetic Salon After School” and 1996 “Taco Beya”.
Also, of note is their collaboration with American band Mount Shasta recorded under the name Shakuhachi Surprise. Epitonic pointed out that knowing the nature of music created by both bands, its not surprising that “Space Streakings Sighted Over Mount Shasta” album contains nothing but utter sonic fury.
Apparently, the band toured America (which resulted in friendship with John Forbes and Mount Shasta and an aforementioned collaborative LP), but their first US tour also became the last, as the band dissolved in the late 90s.  The reasons behind their demise remain as mysterious as the reasons behind their formation, of course.




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