A-Z of Skin Graft Records – Ruins
A-Z of Skin Graft Records – Ruins

A-Z of Skin Graft Records – Ruins

Arguably, Ruins are one of the best-known Japanese bands around and their longevity is just one of the reasons – they started out in the 80s and were active until 2008, when Ruins turned into Ruins Alone, solo project of the founding member Tatsuya Yoshida. Musically, they blend prog rock, improvisation and avant-garde and they are considered to be a big influence on the likes of Lightning Bolt, Melt Banana and Godheadsilo.While not all of their records came out on Skin Graft, recently the band unleashed a series of new and reissued records, all of which were put out by SG (Coincidentally, Skin Graft was also responsible for putting out records by their side project Koenjihyakkei).
Drummer Tatsuya Yoshida started the band in the mid 80s and the band was supposed to be a trio, but since one of the members didn’t show up for rehearsals, they went on as a duo of Yoshida and bassist Sasaki Hisashi. At the time, Yoshida was also a part of Ybo2, a band which included Zeni Geva guitarist KK Null.
They started out with self-titled EP in 1986 and the following years brought a whole avalanche of releases, including 1990 full-length “Stonehenge” (on Shimmy Disc label), few albums for John Zorn label Tzadik, numerous splits with the likes of High On Fire and Dawson, compilation tracks, and, finally, few albums and reissues of old material on Skin Graft.
SG put out 1997 “Refusal Fossil” album (as well as reissued/expanded version of it in 2007), reissue of 1998 “Vrresto” and 2000 “Pallaschtom” album and, finally, 7″ split with High On Fire. KFJC radio review of HoF/Ruins split characterized the record as the one where “diametrically opposed combatants combine forces” and pointed out that “High on Fire engages the enemy in a riff heavy full frontal assault boasting explosive stoner fury, a roaring bass barrage, and paralyzing concussive drumfir”, while Ruins  “zealous avant-garde ignition sequence launches a furious missile strike straight outta Tokyo, Japan.”
Outside of Ruins, Tatsuya Yoshida is involved in countless others bands/side projects – he played with Acid Mothers Temple, Painkiller (a project which also involved John Zorn and Bill Laswell), Zeni Geva and Breast Fed Yak (with members of Controlled Bleeding) and humorous side project Akaten, among many others. Ruins Alone is his new project, a one-man show which he started after Sasaki Hisashi left the band. As a solo artist, he performs music by his bands (Ruins, Koenjihyakkei) and various compositions written throughout his career.
Ruins EP (1986)
Ruins 12″ (1987)
Ruins (1988)
Stonehenge (1990)
Early Works (Bloody Butterfly, 1991)
Ruins EP (Public Bath, 1992)
Burning Stone (1992)
Infect (1993)
0’33 EP (HG Fact, 1993)
Ruins / Dawson Split 7″ (HG Fact, 1993)
Ruins / Schlong Split 7″ (HG Fact, 1994)
Hyderomastgroningem (Tzadik, 1995)
Saisoro (with Derek Bailey) (Tzadik, 1995)
Refusal Fossil (Skin Graft, 1998)
Vrresto (1998)




Akaten – Outdoor In A Park


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