A-Z of Skin Graft Records – Fruitcake
A-Z of Skin Graft Records – Fruitcake

A-Z of Skin Graft Records – Fruitcake

Just as their name suggests, St. Louis, Mo Drunks With Guns were a noisy and confrontational rock group, that lasted for a short time, but they were still remembered long after their break-up, partly due to their unruly behavior and partly due to music. When DWG broke up for good in the late 80s, its members went on to form a number of bands (and they also joined some), including Strangulated Beatoffs,  Ultraman, Bootbeast, but probably the strangest case involves another band which was also called Drunks With Guns and included 13-year old vocalist named Melissa along with DWG original member Mike Doskocil.
r-809387-1161011386Fruitcake was a project of former DWG bassist Mike DeLeon, who put out 4 singles on various labels throughout the 90s, including “The Garden Of Earthly Delights / Stan” on Electric Records and “Welcome To Saint Anthony’s Psychiatric Center” on Artichoke Records. He also contributed compilation tracks to one of the volumes in “Fuck That Weak Shit” series on Pitsbull Records and one track (“Ike”) to “Hey Drag City” compilation.
He later formed equally short-lived Garment Bladder, which also appeared on one of the volumes of FTWS series. One of the bands tracks ended up on a compilation called “Kausing A Kommotion” (on Nihilist Records), a tribute of sorts to Madonna, which also included material by the likes of Haters, Sleep Chamber, Panicsville and Masonna.
Band Members:
Mike DeLeon (Drunks With Guns, Garment Bladder)
Howard Hemingway
John Coker
Welcome To Saint Anthony’s Psychiatric Center 7″ (Artichoke, 1991)
Anna Marina / Moanin’ The Blues 7″ (Pitsbull, 1992)
Patty Lane / Story Of Life 7″ (Skin Graft, 1993)
The Garden Of Earthly Delights / Stan 7″ (Electric Records, Unknown Year)
Compilation Tracks:
“Aorta” on Fuck That Weak Shit, Vol. 1 (Pitsbull, 1993)
“Ike” on Hey Drag City (Drag City / Domino, 1993)


Drunks With Guns – Enemy

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