A-Z of Skin Graft Records – AIDS Wolf
A-Z of Skin Graft Records – AIDS Wolf

A-Z of Skin Graft Records – AIDS Wolf

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AIDS Wolf is Montreal, Canada-based quartet, which was formed in 2003 (“to the protestations of most of humanity”, according to their Skin Graft bio). Their first record (2005 “Freedom Summer” tape) came out on Pasalymany Tapes label, although much of their further material came out on other labels, including Lovepump United and Skin Graft. They also recorded numerous splits with fellow bands like Fugue and Pre, as well as one “Vs.” album with Athletic Automaton (who are also recording for Skin Graft).
Initially, they shared the stage with Montreal indie acts like Unicorns and Wolf Parade, although they have more in common with bands like Pre (with whom they did a four-way split on Lovepump United) and Whitehouse (with whom they shared the stage).
Their name, according to lead singer Chloe Lum (Special Deluxe), comes from an urban legend according to which wolves carry AIDS and pass it on to pets who in turn pass it on to people. According to her “It’s also a message that we as humans must take care for our animal siblings as their health is a barometer of our own survival.”
r-866749-1228600289The band itself describes its sound by using a quote from Captain Beefheart – that they are ” a squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag”. All Music Guide describes them as “A noisy experimental band with “improv tendencies” and the website review of their record “Clash Of The Life-Force Warriors” describes the band as being “weirder and noisier than Sonic Youth and Double Leopards put together and wilder than the Sunburned Hand of the Man.”
In addition to their musical activities, band members Chloe Lum (Strange Deluxe) and Yannick Desranleau (Hiroshima Thunder) also run design studio named Serripop, which has been creating posters for various Montreal bands (as well as international clients) since 2001.
Band Members:
Myles Broscoe
Yannick Desranleau
André Guérette
Chloe Lum
Chris Taylor
Nick Kuepfer
Freedom Summer (Pasalymany Tapes, 2005)
AIDS Wolf / Fugue Split 7″ (Blood Of The Drash, 2005)
Livedeth CDr (Kitty Play, 2005)
AIDS Wolf / Crack And Ultra Eczema / Pre / Dmonstrations Split 7″ (Lovepump United, 2006)
Clash Of The Life-Force Warriors (With Athletic Automaton) LP / CD (Skin Graft, 2006)
The Lovvers LP LP / CD (Lovepump United, 2006)
Chipped Teeth 7″ (Slowboy, 2008)
Cities Of Glass CD (Skin Graft, 2008)

Pas Rapport Cass (Self Released, 2009)

March To The Sea (Skin Graft, 2010)

Videos: Spit Tastes Like Metal (official video) | Chinese Roulette (fan video) | Cities Of Glass (audio only)

Video Credits: E*Rock | OchkO

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