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While there are some who would argue Helmet’s prime time was in the heady days from 92’s ‘Meantime’ to 97’s swan song ‘Aftertaste’, since guitar-toting frontman Page Hamilton dragged Helmet’s filthy carcass back into action in 04, there have been some fine moments. ‘Seeing Eye Dog’ is undoubtedly one of them, despite Hamilton’s man on-the-edge vocal sounding rougher than a hobo who has not only necked the meths, but the bottle it came in. – Rock Sound

Points added for the tiered release options, including a tour laminate for the most devout, and sticking with the drill-press guitar thing. Points deducted for inventing nü metal — still more for songs that won’t let an audience forget it. – Spin

“Seeing Eye Dog” is the seventh studio album from Helmet – their first album since 2006 “Monochrome”. This is also their first release for Work Song label and it features production from the band’s lead singer Page Hamilton and co-production from Toshi Kasai (Big Business). The album also features a cover of Beatles track “And Your Bird Can Sing”.
Listed below is a collection of reviews for the album.
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Note – you can also stream the entire album via the band’s official page

Helmet – Seeing Eye Dog Sessions Pt. 2 from MONO on Vimeo.

Helmet – Seeing Eye Dog Sessions Pt. 4 from MONO on Vimeo.

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