"See A Little Light Marathon" – Overview – Preface
"See A Little Light Marathon" – Overview – Preface

"See A Little Light Marathon" – Overview – Preface

Note – this is an overview of “See A Little Light: The Trail Of Rage And Melody” – an upcoming biography of former Sugar/Husker Du frontman Bob Mould.
In which Bob Mould talks about:
– How he doesn’t like vacations
– How he loves cities like Amsterdam, San Francisco and Berlin
– How Coachella music festival has become one of his annual vacations
– His misadventures in Palm Springs
A gentle introduction into otherwise dark book, preface takes us through Bob’s favorite cities, Coachella festival and a certain resort in Palm Springs.
Also, there’s a note at the end about how difficult it was to write to this book and how Bob is apologizing to everyone who he might’ve hurt in the process.

I’m not the one for vacations. The idea of setting up camp in an idyllic but remote parcel of land – think Western Costa Rica or a bay-view motel in central Florida – doesn’t do it for me. I’m a people watcher.  Most days I sit alone or with a companion, the parade of humanity tumbling and unraveling in front of me. I love pedestrian cities with mass transit, town squares for shopping and dining, and coffee shops with free Wi-Fi. I love the measured and gently oscillating pace of socially progressive, medium-scale world cities – Amsterdam, San Francisco, Berlin.

Soundtrack/Videos – Bob Mould live at Coachella (2009)
Celebrated Summer
I Apologize + Chartered Trips
Hoover Dam + Life & Times

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