Sargent House Vault – Gypsyblood + Fops + Bee Vs. Moth + Mr. Gnome + Julie Christmas
Sargent House Vault – Gypsyblood + Fops + Bee Vs. Moth + Mr. Gnome + Julie Christmas

Sargent House Vault – Gypsyblood + Fops + Bee Vs. Moth + Mr. Gnome + Julie Christmas

Gypsyblood – Hazy-pop/consumerist pop out of Chicago. They released a three -track EP more recently (you can stream/download it via Bandcamp) and their debut album (“Cold In The Guestway”) is scheduled for 2011 release.

Gypsyblood’s songs tend to start dissent among listeners trying to describe exactly of what their songs are reminiscent. Some common references include a strange amalgam of Pavement’s early hazy-pop singles, The Jesus and The Mary Chain, kiwi popsters The Clean, The Fall, early Guided By Voices, The Flaming Stars, Best Coast, et al. Put simply, it’s a noisy, soft-focus approach to classic pop.

Further Info: 402 Productions | Exploding In Sound | Insomnia Radio | Plug In Music | Sargent House
Fops – A superduo that includes Dee KesslerĀ  (Thee More Shallows) and Chadwick Donald Bidwell from Ral Parta Vogalbacher. They just released their debut (“Yeth, Yeth, Yeth”) and a second album (“Priests In Them Caves”) is on the way.

Taking their musical cues from the syncopated electronic figures of Krautrockers such as Cluster and Faust, and the propulsive, brooding pop of the bands they grew up listening to in the 80’s, the duo recorded two albums at once.
Both albums are novels at heart, investigating the possible and impossible, gaudy and fantastical, mundane and downright depressing pasts and futures of a single protagonist. In the world of Fops, Kesler is the narrator, telling stories in Bidwell’s singular lyrical style.

Download “Solid Coper Huntress” + “Maple Mountain
Further Info: MySpace | The Bay Bridged | MVRemix | The Owl Mag | US / THEM Group
Review: The 405
Bee Vs. Moth – Austin, Texas quartet whose music is described as an instrumental cross between Tom Waits and Beirut. More recently, they release their second studio album entitled “Acronyms”.

Bee vs. Moth exists somewhere between Tom Waits’ rumpled New Orleans jazz and a maniacal Beirut gone instrumental: the melodies are strong and boisterous yet the music is subtle and clever. The band has one foot in the world of jazz and creative improvisation, and the other firmly planted on a distortion pedal. With surprising instrumentation, innovative songwriting, quirky melodies, and a healthy sense humor, Bee vs. Moth plays music that defies traditional categories.

Download “Salisbury Steakhouse” + “I Listen To Coffee All Day” + “Turkey Sandwiches” (a collection of live recordings)
Further Info: Official Site | Facebook | MySpace | Twitter | The Music Swamp | Parasites & Sycophants
Reviews: Entertainment Realm | Soundspike | Stereo Subversion | This Is Book’s Music
Mr. Gnome -Cleveland duo whose music is described as Cat Power fronting Queens Of The Stone Age. Coincidentally, their second album was recorded at the stuido of QOTSA’s Josh Homme.
Download “Three Red Birds” + “Plastic Shadow
Further Info: Official Site | Blogspot | MySpace
Julie Christmas – Lead singer for Made Out Of Babies, Battle Of Mice and Spylacopa (a supegroup that also includes members of Candiria, Isis and Dillinger Escape Plan). Her debut solo album “The Bad Wife” is scheduled for November release.
Download “Bow” + “July 31st
Further Info: Bandcamp | MySpace | Rising Pulse

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