Review Batch: Skyjelly, Cryostasium, Petridisch, Violet Nox
Review Batch: Skyjelly, Cryostasium, Petridisch, Violet Nox

Review Batch: Skyjelly, Cryostasium, Petridisch, Violet Nox

Skyjelly – You’re in a Chair in the Sky (Eggs in Aspic)
Eight plus minutes of aural delights open with a mid ‘70’s Floyd feel (think One Of These Days) to the bass line in a groovy plodding sub funk style. In comes some deft rinsed out blues and reptilian hissing percussion before this gives way to bastard zither effect strings now just balancing atop the increasingly menacing bass line culminating in Sid era Floyd psychedelic flood.

Cryostasium / Petridisch – Tint Misbehavin’ (Self Released)
A Nice View pt2
Wonderfully disturbing from the outset with nose dive Stuka riffs grinding over splattered percussion. Screams of anguish (desire?) permeate the blackness and haunting keys ratchet up the tension to the max
Insistent flat looped percussion fights through a screeching wall of guitar, sounds seem almost channeled through a corridor bookended with sound deadening material giving the whole piece a other worldly feel.
You gotta love this just for the title alone, wonderful word play! Here we have more incessant percussive madness and squawling guitars rising and falling like some nitro street beast on a hot wheels track.
Sighing and soaring crystalline synth notes accompany an eerie angelic strangely feline sounding vocal. This is moving and unnerving in equal measures with the timbre of a recording made in a cathedral or possibly monastery.
Ethereal experiments in vocal tonality and bubbling, churning synth create multi layered textures which at first may seem random gradually form structure before spiraling back down the wormhole.
Glassalahrmx Multiple zombie church organ herald psalms may (or may not) disrupt normal brain function. A discordant cauldron of electronica that Messrs Balance and Christopherson would approve of.

Violet Nox – Snow King (Extended) (Self Released)
Urgent but dim beats and synth squeaks create simple but neatly structured chords (possibly upbeat Joy Division) with a vocal that sounds distant almost dragged along with the under current of sound. All is gently flanged and stretched to become a cascade of electro squiggles and dead keys before a swirling drone drags the whole piece into the abyss!


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