Reviews – CSOIM/Blank Vids / Skyjelly / Dyr Faser
Reviews – CSOIM/Blank Vids / Skyjelly / Dyr Faser

Reviews – CSOIM/Blank Vids / Skyjelly / Dyr Faser

Words – Lob Instagon
CSOIM / Blank Vids – Daydreams of Tomorrow ep

lost recordings…song fragments…found on an old hard drive.. made with an obsolete program, using minimal and almost infantile tech and 8 bit sounds…and it’s still pretty good.
I think that discoveries like this really allow an artist
to see into their own process. Exploring someting you did years ago with equipment you dont even remember how to use gives real insight into ones personal evolution as a creator.
These recordings have a very DEVO feel to them..the structure of melodies remind me of solo/demo recordings I have heard by Mark Mothersbaugh.
They seem like the beginnings of songs that have yet to find their voice.. but the basics and the foundations are there. 
“Pink Lemons” is probably my favorite track on this ep…it seems to be the most completed of these fragments.

Skyjelly – Attention Spam

This seems more like a tease than an actual track.  Sorta
has the heavy 70’s psychedelic rock vibe…but is too short to get really trippy.
Like Hawkwind building up to a song…an intro without a destination.
Obviously a fragment taken from a longer live recording. It’s not bad
 it just leaves me wondering where it was going.

Dyr Faser – Volum 2
this ep is awesome.. if you like Dream Pop…heavy reverb..and spooky minimalism this is hand made for you.  some really great compositions that easily hypnotize
and draw you into their universe. vocals that are just hidden enough to barely even be noticed, and sweet use of analog synth sounds.. loops.. layers..and drum machines…but worth every moment… think as if a young Robert Smith was part of Ween.

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