Review // The Home Current and Peter Wix – Unfortunes
Review // The Home Current and Peter Wix – Unfortunes

Review // The Home Current and Peter Wix – Unfortunes

The Home Current Peter Wix Unfortunes

Peter Wix is a singer songwriter based in Spain. In the 1990’s, with Juan Ais, Wix formed the leftfield, electronic, art rock group “Jean Paul Special.” Since the turn of the century Wix has been writing his music under various monikers and appeared on numerous compilations.

Martin Jensen, AKA The Home Current, is a Danish musician, composer, producer and DJ based in Luxembourg. Jensen makes a range of electronic music styles from 80s & 90s inspired Techno, House music and electro pop to experimental electronica. As The Home Current, Jensen has had albums released on some excellent independent labels, such as Castles In Space, Polytechnic Youth, Modern Aviation and Woodford Halse.

So with “Unfortunes” Jensen’s latest album, a collaboration based around Peter Wix’s spoken word, the wonderful independent label, Subexotic Records, seems a perfect place to release, what is frankly a fantastic album.

In recent years there has been a pleasing increase in the mingling of poetry and electronic sounds. Spoken word has found a natural home in the many forms of electronic music. When an inspiring wordsmith, such as Peter Wix, and a visionary electronic composer, such as The Home Current, create together the results seem as natural as cheese and pickle, boobs and bra’s or salt on your chips.

“Unfortunes” consists of ten electronic compositions that are expertly molded around the method acting stories created by Peter Wix’s spoken-words. The anecdotes, ponderings and visions seem to come from various characters, often delivered in the characters own voice. For example on “The Colour Concierge (solicitude)” an email to Michael, from Dave Savelage, CEO of Cromocore, that’s offering the capacity of the colour concierge,

a special someone that opens up our palette of colours every morning and makes sure we don’t go back to monochrome, for anyone.

is delivered as Dave, the smiling face of corporate business. Dave’s office probably doesn’t have a door but definitely has a tabletop football game, in front of an early Banksy, ripped from a council house wall.
Dave delivers his job offer in the voice of a corporate used car salesman, Dave is

waiting for you with open arms and unlimited resources for you to explore creativity…

A few tracks latter on “The Colour Concierge (repulse)” Michael gets to reply and he is not for sale

hard as it is to know quite how to put it when someone says they love you and you’ve never even had the pleasure…

Michael is delivered in the voice of a disillusioned, working artist, after a few pints.

On “How Sparrows Party” Wix adopts a liberal, intelligent and thoughtful everyman European voice, while musing about social standings and wants. On “It’s There” Wix almost develops an American country drawl, while on “Standards” Wix’s spoken word is delivered in a soft whispering style.

On “55” a song literally and delightfully about the number 55, Charlotte Wix Navarro takes over the
vocal duties. “55” contains one of my favorite lyrics on the album

If you find an abstract in your house, do you call a poet or pest control

The Home Currents accompanying music finds Jensen on top of his game. The spoken word is not merely accompanied by pads and beats it is completely bubble wrapped in Jensen’s musical soundtrack.
The music sounds effortless and spontaneous. The rhythms, pads and hooks play naturally around the words, complimenting and enhancing the stories. “Unfortunes” is a perfect storm of electronic music and spoken word. Highly recommended.

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