Review – Ten – Lowlands EP
Review – Ten – Lowlands EP

Review – Ten – Lowlands EP

Ten is a solo project of English musician Dominic Deane and “Lowlands” is his latest release. “Lowlands” is best thought of as a combination of post-rock, dark ambient and moody piano pieces.
“Low Cloud”, the opener, sounds like an outtake from one of Hearts Of Space compilations – a pleasant piano/ambient piece, which could be seen as a background music for early morning/late night. Further on, there’s “Surrender” and “The Absence” – much like their titles indicate, these are fairly dark pieces, full of tension and unearthly sounds of all sorts.
Then there are few more ambient/piano/violin pieces (“These Hollow Lights” / “To The Skies”) and “Winter Light”, which adds a guitar to the mix and is quite unlike anything else on this EP.
All in all – “Lowlands” is a nice piece of cinematic music and it comes highly recommended to anyone into post-rock/ambient/drone.
Favorites: Surrender / Winter Light
For Fans Of: Hearts Of Space, Music For Airports, Erik Satie, Mogwai
Further Info: Official Site | Bandcamp | Facebook | MySpace | Twitter


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