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Rating: 4/5
“She Was Coloured In” is a debut from Solar Bears, a duo of John McElheron and Rian Trench who are currently  signed to London label Planet Mu.
By all accounts, “Coloured” sounds like a modern day version of Vangelis and/or Tangerine Dream (or any krautrock band, for that matter). Its a set of 15 short tracks, which employ anything from robotic vocals to guitars and (not surprisingly) synths.
Listening to “Coloured” is not unlike being a child and looking into kaleidoscope with sounds acting as a replacement for colors. There’s all those tiny loops and effects, that, when put together, create those terrific little compositions.
Its dance/electronic music for people who hate dance/electronic music, since its so well-crafted (unlike the typical dance floor fodder).
Highly recommended, indeed.

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