Review // Seawind of Battery: Live Sept 2022
Review // Seawind of Battery: Live Sept 2022

Review // Seawind of Battery: Live Sept 2022

I reviewed the cassette of Seawind of Battery’s live performance from Sept 2022 with absolutely zero expectations. I was charmed by the music during my listen and captivated afterward when I found out that they are billed on their Bandcamp as “east coast cosmic country.” They are an instrumental blend of ambient and rhythmic guitars, lap, and pedal steel led by New York City musician Mike Horn.

I started by plugging in my headphones and putting them on, then inserting the tape into my Walkman. I heard the familiar hiss of the cassette then the music started out with melodic droning and a guitar building and ebbing, flowing gently. The guitar picked up pace a bit, it grew louder and filled the space. The music put me in mind of riding in the car on a summer day with the sun dappling through the leaves and the wind rustling my hair. It was quietly meditative. I was removed from my reverie when a song began to be reminiscent of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” an earworm that was inescapable in 2022 thanks to its appearance on Stranger Things and subsequent popularity on Tik Tok. It’s a commonly used chord progression—but the similarity amused me until that song faded out.

Another song, Light on the Horizon, started with a gentle swell then built up until it had a bit of a groove to it. Bright guitar notes interspersed over low notes and mingled together to keep the music moving. Chimey notes and what almost sounded like a banjo joined in on the groove. This song feels like sitting on the back porch with a bunch of friends and relatives while they jam. There were thoughtful passages that eventually led to an unmistakable scratching. The rhythmic scratching continued for quite some time as all the focus shifted to that noise and it eventually all faded away.

I want to hear more from this group (I really do—I listened to the cassette a third time) because the music is at once familiar, mellow, and hopeful. It’s clear they are searching for a new sound, and I think if they keep searching they will hit on their own distinct concept.


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