Review: Mount Mole – Flee Marker EP (Take 2)
Review: Mount Mole – Flee Marker EP (Take 2)

Review: Mount Mole – Flee Marker EP (Take 2)

Mount Mole Flee Marker EP

Words: Neuro No Neuro

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While under the moniker Sinkcharmer, a new persona has emerged from “the ether” (or so we’re told!). That moniker is known as ‘Mount Mole’, and they have released a new EP titled ‘Flee Marker’ – available now on Bandcamp here.

The very first thing I have to point out is that Mount Mole is adept at making raw, often abnormal sounds tap and pulsate in a catchy manner. Super-catchy. Extremely catchy. All the while, drawing the listener in. For example, after the first 5 seconds, the track ‘Shifting Bricks’ will suck you in to a set of short patterns that fit together quite well. Simple patterns that on their own would not stand, but layered skillfully, have a feel to them that is irresistible.

The sounds themselves are simple as well. They are well-crafted and solid – chunky, even. Each layer of the music has so much space that everything feels natural. A great mix!

For me, I will say, the highlight of these tracks are the vocals. They are abstract; difficult to understand or pick out any particular word(s). More-so, they are being used as another instrument in the mix, versus the typical method of passing on an understandable message to the listener. Far from an insult, they are actually beautiful in their mere existence. With no lyrics provided to follow along to, they are best heard from the perspective of ‘from the ether’; no definition.

I’m normally not at a loss of words to describe what I’m hearing, but Mount Mole’s EP has something new that I’m unused to hearing primitive patterns, sounds, and melodies that are both foreign AND familiar. I hear percussive sounds that are more wood/hand/foot than the usual clicks-and-pops, bass-snare-hat sounds often used. Even the melodic sounds have an “all-natural” tone to them, yet may be synthetic.

Hard to say. So engaging.

An EP that should be placed on repeat – you will definitely hear something new each time around. Grab yourself a copy today!



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