Review – Misery Addict / Beasts Split
Review – Misery Addict / Beasts Split

Review – Misery Addict / Beasts Split

This untitled split includes 4 intense tracks from 2 intense English bands.
Beasts kick things off with “Bring The Noise” (not a cover of Anthrax / Public Enemy song).This is a damaged punk/metal hybrid that reminds me of Converge with its psychopathic vocals and endless rhythm changes, which make it all sound like there’s 30 songs hidden inside this one.
Their other contribution (“The White Russian”) ¬†sounds bit a ¬†closer to conventional punk/metal, but it still seemsthat the band is on a mission to destroy the song, the equipment and the studio.
Misery Addict‘s play a profanity-laced brand of punk rock. “Preach” kicks off with “One, two, three – fuck you” (didn’t Big Black used to do that back in the day?) and “Crows” includes plenty of f-bombs as well. Profanities aside, both of their contributions are decent but fairly generic-sounding.
For my money, Beasts side of the split is the best one and MA still have a lot of work to do.
Further Info: Beasts – MySpace | Misery Addict – MySpace

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