Review – Hedia – Libra (Featherspines, 2009)
Review – Hedia – Libra (Featherspines, 2009)

Review – Hedia – Libra (Featherspines, 2009)

Hedia Libra

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Throughout years, many suggested that electronic music lacks soul due to an absence of live instruments in the mix.And throughout years there was also a number of artists who fought that notion in various ways (Justin Broadrick’s project Final is one). Time to add another name to a growing list of bands that take a different approach to music creation than majority of their peers –  Hedia.
Hedia is a duo of Bryce Hample and Brodie Johnson based in Albuqereque, New Mexico who create what they call “sedative lullabies” by using anything from cello to piano to trumpet. “Libra” is a good example of a record with a certain warmth that is often missing from other drone/ambient albums.
“Libra”, in an essence,, is 60 minutes of ambient/drone with a slight influence of classical music, which brings to mind the work of Harold Budd and Arvo Part. Its a somber and dark record, but its a certain complexity and the way that the sounds on the record draw you in that make it different from so many similar albums.
Right from the very start, it feels that the music on “Libra” doesn’t really come out of the speakers –  rather it flows elegantly like light. The way that it surrounds you and the sonic spaces that this record is creating come together beautifully on this one.
It feels like this is just the beginning for Hedia and  Featherspines label which released this record. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is into ambient/drone genres or just music in general.



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