Review – Ghost Box Orchestra – The Only Light On (2010)
Review – Ghost Box Orchestra – The Only Light On (2010)

Review – Ghost Box Orchestra – The Only Light On (2010)

(Ghost Box Orchestra) sound as if Ennio Morricone and Dick Dale went driving through the desert listening to Zeppelin and Floyd. – Anonymous SXSW 2010 Attendee

“The Only Light On” is a debut album by Ghost Box Orchestra, who more recently performed at Deep Heaven Now, a resurrected version of Deep Heaven festivals that took place in Boston in the 90s.
And the unknown SXSW attendee got it right – “Light” is best thought of as a result of a musical collaboration between cowboys and surfers who somehow met along the banks of Charles River – “A chance meeting on the banks of Charles Of Cowboys And Surfers”, to paraphrase the title of classic Nurse With Wound LP).
At heart, its a post-rock/instrumental record, but there’s plenty of other influences too – from surf to spaghetti western soundtracks. Its very cohesive/fluid kind, so its best to listen to it in an entirety, without skipping any of the tracks.
“Light” is a  mighty fine debut, indeed and if you’re a fan of surf,  spaghetti western soundtracks or post-rock,  you should head over to the band’s website and/or check out the streaming version of the album at Apollo Audio.
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